The Southern IL - St. Louis Area Spring 'Bent/Trike ride!

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Okay okay, I admit it, I copied the following portion from Marion's post last October. But it worked so well then it seemed a shame to not use it again! This time the game plan is to meet May 11, 10am. Unless we come up with something better, we will probably grab lunch at Culver's after the ride for everyone who cares to join. Grab your wheels, bring your friends, meet some new (or used) folks! Speaking for myself, rain = no go.

St. Louis area trike and recumbent riders or anyone else that that would like to join us, meet at the Metro East Park & Recreation District (MEPRD) parking lot at 9:30 am. We will start riding at 10 am. When we meet the group can determine what mileage and speed they would like to ride. We will try to keep together as a group.

There are restrooms, water, and vending machines available at MEPRD. There are numerous restaurants along the Hwy 157 strip in Collinsville that is in close proximity to the MEPRD, in case anyone wants to eat breakfast before the ride. There are a number of lunch opportunities along the trails. If the weather is warm enough that we feel like ice cream, both Annie's and Bobby's are close to the trails.

This is a show and go ride with no sags, so everyone needs to be self sufficient. This ride is primarily for trikes and recumbents, but if you have a wife or SO that rides a DF, they are welcome to join us.

You can direct questions/comments to Mark at mobilemiall at gmail dot com



  • Thanks so much for trying to put this together, Mark. I see the weather forecast is iffy for next Saturday; but if prospects turn better, the wife and I will likely come down your way for the day and/or more. We ride a Rover Tandem.. and LOVE IT! We live up in Decatur and for some time have been wanting to get down and ride trails in your area. That's on our bucket list for this year.

    We've been doing a lot of trail mapping and listing for TrailLink -- the great web resource of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Especially if we could find trails in your area that have not yet made their way onto TrailLink, we could spend more than a day there, just riding and mapping and gathering information for a listing.

    Have you checked TrailLink for the trails in your area? Are there any that are not yet listed? I see there are several already. Maybe there's already someone in the area who's taken on the task of keeping up with the regional listings.

    Actually, if this post has readers from other parts of Illinois, I'd also be interested in hearing back from you, should you know of any trails not yet listed or in need of updating. Our self-appointed domain is kind of the whole state of Illinois, from Decatur outward.
  • Sorry it took me so long! I didn't have the "notify of reply" option turned on in my settings, I have corrected that. Now, to answer the question:
    The weather forecast has improved for Saturday (tomorrow!), and my wife and I will also be present on our TerraTrike tandem.

    I have not looked at Traillink for our area for some time, although I do use it as a resource when I travel. The trail opportunities here are great, but some of the trails will be impacted by high water right now. I think a good plan of action might be to make a day trip this time and talk to some of us “locals”, and plan a return trip, I suggest September, when the weather and the trails are normally both cooperative. I think you could spend days exploring.

    I think a lot of great work has been done locally by Trailnet and others to document the local trails. What has been missing are all the great country roads that are available. There are miles of scenic, lightly travelled roads in Madison, Macoupin, Jersey, Calhoun and Greene Counties that are just begging to be discovered by lots of cyclists. The cost of travelling these areas are that there are sometimes hills, especially along the bluffs, and the rider generally has to carry enough snacks and water for most or all of the ride. And don’t count on cell phone coverage.

    We can talk more on Saturday. In the meantime, I will review the current listings on Traillink; and I will bring my computer to show you places I have ridden. Other folks at the ride who are even more local will be able to fill in more details.
  • Another successful ride has come and gone! Each new ride brings new faces and new stories. Culver’s is gonna need a bigger table!

    The only thing I’ve thought about doing differently for the next ride is to have someone designated at the front, and at the back. They would be able to call back and forth with definitive updates, and it would make it easier to make sure everyone is okay. With that being said, easily the most often heard post-ride phrase was, “This was great! When are you you doing another one?” Anyone who has a great idea for a meetup is certainly encouraged to throw it out there, and I’m sure good things will happen. It helps to post it on Benrider Online and TerraTrike forums as well so other folks can see it.
    For anyone living in the St. Louis Metro area who would like to join in some of the spontaneous ride opportunities that come up, head over to and look up StLouisBents.
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