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Tour owners, have any of you fit the vertical handler bars with bar ends so you could use the standard twist shifters verses thumb shifters? Just curious ( I'm a Rambler rider).


  • Bar ends would likely hit the wheels when turning, unless you used bar ends with a bend so they would flair up and over the wheels, but then that would put the hand grips at an odd angle. The Tour II bars are curved in, so even a straight bar end would angle up, but not enough to clear the wheel.

    I'm curious why you would not want to use bar end shifters. Bar end shifters work great on recumbents with under seat steering. The only drawback is that bar end shifters will not work with some internally geared rear hubs.

  • I just thought the bar ends would be less expensive than the bar end shifters. One of those things I think about when riding!
  • I have installed stubby (short) bar ends and put bar end shifters in them and have no trouble with tire clearance .
    they work grate and are very comfortable as wrist rests . however you do not want to shift during hard turns :lol:
  • Interesting. I'm curious why you chose to put bar end shifters on stubby bar ends instead of putting them in the tops of the stock handle bars.
  • robpur
    I have bar end shifters on one of my road bikes and it just fills more natural to pull up & down. It also leaves handle bars open for My mirrors.(Mirrycle mirrors)
  • I see. So are the stubby bar ends and bar end shifters pointing to the rear? I have bar end shifters at the top of my bars, and yes, it does make it difficult to mount a mirror. Would be nice to have mirrors on the trike instead of having to use a helmet mirror or a mirror stuck to the inside of my glasses. I keep thinking about making a mirror mount similar to what comes with a Catrike.
  • robpur
    Yes the bar ends are pointing to the rear I mounted them above the brake mounting brackets so they angel slightly down. set no the trike, turn the handle bars as far as you can and aline the bar ends so they just clear (parallel to your hips) cover with foam grips and your set to go
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