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  • MichaelHebert

    Have you installed the Patterson on your Rover? If so, how is it working out for you?
    April 2016
  • TrikesterHal
    Please tell me where you got your Lasco 22-32-44 crank set with the built in guard ring.  What length are the cranks and are the cranks built in to the crank set itself?

    I've got the Rambler GT with the 26" rear wheel.  With the GT came the FSA Velo Hollow forged triple 170mm 30/42/44 crank set.  The cranks are actually separate from the sprocket set itself.  In the garage I keep a piece of foam insulation clipped to the crankset with a big clamp to keep my wife from getting raked on the teeth.

    At 250 lbs I'm finding long grades and steep hills almost impossible without having to stop at least once to catch my breath and rest my legs when I'm in the lowest gear.  After 577 miles and three months I'm getting better and better, but I'd like to have some lower gears to confront those hills even if I'm creeping along. And here in NW Arkansas there are plenty of grades and hills!

    I just started riding a trike in mid-August and got the TT based on a couple of short test rides.  The dealer wasn't a great help cuz he just wanted to sell a trike.  I was totally new to the game, but I'm learning very, very fast. 8-)  I'd really appreciate your advice.  Thanks, Hal.
    November 2015