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  • Elrique64,  I am interested in finding a Trike for my parents, possibly even the electric assist.  Just beginning my search for this in gently used condition.  
    April 11
  • PapaSkisNTrikes
    Good afternoon ELRIQUE64.  This is a test.  According to an email that I received today from Taylor at TT, if we click on an individual's name, we then can send a private message to that individual.  We'll see if it works as "advertised."
    January 3
  • Hello there. I am converting a TerraTrike Rambler to an E-trike using the Bafang BBDHD kit. I was just wondering how you mounted the speed sensor to one of the front wheels. Was another bracket needed>
    September 2016
  • I just purchased a new 2016 Terratrike Rambler x24. Do you know what size bottom bracket is on that model? I was thinking about putting a Befang BBSHD kit on the trike. I hope to take delivery within the next couple of weeks.
    September 2016
  • I'm new I have a rover with  Da Vinci Hub I got a bafang I was going to mount it in the bracket up front.First to all this is there any reasons againest I was looking at 

    ELRIQUE64 trike                                  thank you     i hope i'm doing this right

    January 2016
  • Boy I'm afraid I have no idea on how fast I'm going. All I do know is I'm outpacing my trike while in 8th gear. I had a very interesting phone conversation with the friend who is part owner in the bike shop I got my trike from. He said that about a year and a half ago one of his customers who bought a Rover wanted to get the 26" wheel and when my friend called TerraTrike to order the wheel he was told they were not offering the 26" wheel anymore because of the safety concerns regarding the nose of the Rover being so close to the ground. I spoke on the phone to Taylor at TerraTrike's sales and technical support line just this last Monday about the 26" wheel and he was more than happy to sell me , with no mention of the possible broken nose of both the trike's and mine.
    October 2015
  • PS: "The Bicycle Shop" in Anchorage carries TerraTrikes. If you need any "stuff" it's a lot closer than Seattle for parts shipping. The guys there are great with knowledge and accessories, too. I got my Rambler from the store on Northern Lights Blvd. They have a second shop on Diamond. If you need anything, try giving them a call.
    August 2014
  • ElRique64,
    Is it Christmas, yet? Did you get your trike?
    I hope you've got bugs in your teeth by now.
    Happy Trails!
    August 2014
  • OK for the third time. I considered the Nuvinci 360, but read it used the Autobike algorithm for shifting. Having had an Autobike I decided against the Nuvinci. Went instead with the Shimano DI2 Alfine 11 speed hub with a new front 40 tooth chain ring and crank arms. Different feel to it , but I kept my top end of 20 to 22 mph and picked up 3 lower gears for hills. Shifting is seamless going to a bigger gear, but it likes no pressure on the crank going to smaller gears. So far I am liking the change.... (only 200 miles on the new setup so far). Previous change was to a 20 tooth sprocket on the back to bring up the top en, BUT lost the lower gears for hills. Now I have 3 low gears for hills and electronic shifting. Pricy , but worth it to me.
    Richard M
    July 2014