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  • Florida_bound changed her profile picture.
    June 23
  • Florida_bound changed her profile picture.
    June 23
  • Florida_bound changed her profile picture.
    June 23
  • TrikesterHal
    Hi, Trikesterhal here.  I've been relatively quiet lately, but I'm still around.  By this weekend I'll arrive back in Tucson permanently.  I want to catch Cyclovia Tucson on 4/2 (  I've secured a place to live and just need to unpack some boxes and I'm ready to ride, participate in this forum and continue my blog!
    March 21
  • LauraH
    Yes I am very intersted.  Please call me at 352-601-1240.  Thank you Laura
    July 2016
  • weidlesd
    This is in response to your reply about my seat clamp slipping. Wow...sounds like unless I put either a D-bolt or U-bolt behind the seat clamp, it will continue to slip.  I looked at both on-line, and it seemed easier to purchase the U-bolts....I also noticed that some would fit the shape of the Rover boom.   

    Since you used the U-bolts, can you tell me what size you purchased...and I'm assuming they were the rectangular ones that would fit the edges of the boom.  I'm a bit unclear why you needed to buy 2 U-bolts. Thanks for helping.

    June 2016
  • I think they would be too large for me.  I wear a women's 9.5-10 wide which would covert to a men's 8-9 probably.  I haven't bought men's shoes in a while.

    Thanks for the offer!

    April 2016
  • gern
    Hey there Florida_Bound,
    What size shoes do you wear? I have a brand new pair of clip-less shoes that turned out too small for me. Got them at a clearance sale and couldn't be returned.
    I wear 10.5-11 shoes. I tried these thinking they might stretch but the didn't.
    If they would work, or think they will, I'll give them to you for the cost of postage. All you will need is the clips and pedals. My pedals came with clips and screws.
    I believe they are "Giro" brand, but not certain. They're in storage in the original box.
    Let me know if you're interested.
    Regards, Jim
    April 2016
  • squirrelpie0
    It's yours for the shipping as I now have two of them and one extra should be plenty. Where do you want me to send it.
    February 2016
  • Dan
    Have you found any 24" fenders that will fit your rambler?
    February 2016
  • TrikesterHal
    I was sentenced to 15 months at IBM FSD Manassas in late 1986 but managed to escape on very cold January night.  I made it to Dallas/Ft Worth before they discovered me missing!  Alas, they discovered me and I was corporate downsized in 1992.  I've been hiding out in NW Arkansas ever since.
    January 2016
  • TrikesterHal
    I'm beginning to write about riding starting with your last paragraph, "The social aspect......someone with me if problems arise."  Is it okay if I quote you directly on that paragraph or should I keep you somewhat anonymous by paraphrasing?  Your original paragraph really cut to the chase.  It couldn't have been better worded.

    I'm putting it under the "Lighting, Visibility......" discussion.  I also want to expand on your paragraph with what to carry along, how to deal with mechanical situations, etc. I'll break the various sections down into separate posts to keep things a bit more brief.

    Watcha think?

    73 Hal  (the number 73 is ham radio talk.  It means "best regards" and it goes back many, many decades)
    December 2015
  • Goldmember
    I'm certainly not trying to get anyone in trouble. They wont. However, if we have a dealer that doesn't completely understand how to set up our product, then we need to address that, and get them the tools they need to make our customers happy with our product. Yes you may have been happy with your trike, but this problem that occurred with your trike could have been avoided if setup properly. 

    We love our dealers, and certainly don't want to call them out. That's not what we do. We would rather build a stronger team through positive reinforcement.

    I do appreciate the concern you have for our dealer :) 

    And thank you for sharing your experiences with us! :)
    September 2015
  • gern
    Hi there, are you looking to put bigger wheels on your trike to make it easier to get on and off? Even with the 24's on my Rambler and due to health issues, I had trouble getting on and off. I added the versa bars. These things are great! They can be set where they are best for you and cost considerably less than bigger wheels and tires. If you like, I can send you a couple pics of them on my trike. Here's my email.
    August 2015