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  • romeo52
    I’m in the process electrifying an old Rover Internal 8 speed, I will use a Luna Cycle BBSHD kit. The main reason for this project is I just like to tinker with stuff and a electric trike would be just plain fun to rid, I’m not a bike fanatic or health nut. Secondly my wife has a problem peddling any faster then snails pace so I’m hoping this will give her a little boost in speed and distance.

    I have the Rover in my basement and I’m in the process of disassembling it. I’m waiting for a crank puller to arrive so I can mount the motor to the frame. I thought about changing the wheels to 24” to get better ground clearance and to make it easier getting on and off but instead, after reading posts on the forum, I purchase a set of Kendra Flame tires. The Flame give the trike a nice 2” lift and really improved the ride quality, they smooth out a lot of the jarring bumps. The problem with the Flames is they come extremely close to rubbing the frame especially in the rear, I haven’t decided if I will keep them.

    A quick look at the Luna motor kit tells me most of the supplied cable are too short for a trike so I’ll probable have to order cable extensions. Another concern is the weight of the finished trike, getting heaver with every modification. I like to load our bikes in the bed of my pickup and take them to a bike path. I hope I can still lift the finished Rover onto my truck bed when the project is complete. I thought about mounting the battery on the bottom side of the frame just under the seat but ground clearance has me worried especially with the stock 20” wheels and tires.

    I’m not in a hurry to complete the Rover project, just want it running by spring. I’m in Michigan, long cold winters. I’ll keep you posted on the progress and hick-ups along the way.

    January 8
    • Willie
      Thanks Bill for the note. Most of my stuff arrives tomorrow evening so getting excited. Will keep you up to date.