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  • TrikeBirder
    I was just wondering if you got your Rover tandem yet? Ultimately I hope to convert my single Rover into a tandem, and get another folding trike for me. My wife already has a Traveler. We travel for a couple of winter months most years. And while I can transport my Rover assembled and Nancy's folded Traveler, at the same time in our Toyota Prius V, There is little room left for packing camera, birding gear, and luggage. Hence the need for a second folding trike... or a hybrid van?!

    You guys should consider attending TerraTrike's RiderFest just outside (west) of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The event is July 29th. If you were to let the folks at TT know you wanted to test ride a Rover tandem, they would probably arrange for one to be there.

    I wanted to mention that I put a Bafang BBSHD electric assist motor on my Rover with the thought of using it with the tandem when there was a weaker (than this 67 year-old) rider on the back. This might want to be something you folks want to consider.
    July 2017
  • TrikeBirder
    Greetings and welcome to the TerraTrike Forum. We are an East Lansing, Michigan Boyce Family. I (Mike) have a TerraTrike Rover, and my wife (Nancy), has a TT Traveler. They are both internal 8 rear hubs. I bought our trikes used from Forum participants last year, and have learned so very much here on the Forum. Nancy hasn't participated (yet?) in the Forum, but I am a frequent visitor. I am TrikeBirder on the Forum. Where are you folks located? Which trikes do you have and how long have you had them?
    June 2017