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  • I'm a newbie. Just purchased a Terratrike Tour ll a week ago. It has the Alhonga brakes (it's the base 24 speed – the 27 speed has the BB7s). When I use moderately strong grip on the brakes, the rear wheel comes off the ground. How much more grip wo…
    in bb7s Comment by unitic February 2017
  • One of the reasons I went with a Tour ll, along with the lower seating, less weight, and indirect steering, was the vertical bars. I find them very comfortable. At first I had intended to install bar end shifters,but after a few miles, I got used to…
  • I used to live in Billings, and I do miss it. Hope you are some where you can put some miles on.
  • Anyone still active on this site? I live in illinois, near St. Louis, and would like to know if there are more trikers around. TT Tour ll, 24 speed. Just purchased, new to trikes.
  • This is an old discussion, but I wanted to mention that it helped me make a decision. I found a Tour ll at a nice discount, as it has been discontinued. I like the low seating, not only for riding, but also because it allowed me to put it in my Pr…
  • Terratrike sells a seat pad which should help. You could also go to an upholsterer and make it real comfy for a lot less than switching trikes. Hope this helps.