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  • I am using a GoPro with a 64GB card and an external battery pack as a "dash cam" for my rides. You may be able to find a used older-model GoPro (such as a Hero 3) on eBay for a reasonable price. They do quite well for the job. My longest rides are …
  • The Cygo tail lights are a good deal for the money.  $25 each.  I have two.  They are blindingly bright, enough that the light will bounce from road signs a half mile behind me onto signs in front of me. They recharge via usb.…
  • I just rode my 20 miles this evening on the trike after replacing the seat mounting bolt.  Half of the rear wheel is very visibly bent about 1 inch out of line, but I could not feel any evidence of it while riding - no shimmies or vibrations.  I'm w…
  • Thanks for the replies.   After work today I had a chance to look at the trike closely, and discovered the end of the seat bolt actually sheared off completely - something I didn't see yesterday.   Also rear wheel is slightly bent and will need to b…