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  • Great idea! I just called TT looking for front wheel bearings or part #. Now I'll have to wait until Monday. If TT is not interested in selling parts direct an on catalog with part numbers and specs would be greatly appreciated.
  • That's a big battery. Are you using a mid drive motor? I'm also in the process of adding a motor to my wife's Rambler. Did you happen to see this:…
  • The Rambler AT has a different seat with padded sides and a zippered pocket for small items. The seat mount is in a fixed position not as much adjustment as a Rambler. I just moved from a Rambler to the AT and miss the extra seat adjustment of the…
  • Great project. I bike in Detroit and looking at the Iron Belle Trail Map they plan on using streets for about 20 miles of the trail through the city. Belle Isle is a beautiful park and just getting better all the time, home of the Detroit Grand Pr…
  • I just what to post a special Thank You for letting me have your extra wheel, be assured it will be put to good use! I wish we could have talked more but the weather was pressuring me to get back on the road. Have a Merry Christmas!
  • Boxmaster wrote: » It is just sitting in the basement, like I said it's yours free no charge just shipping. I was never able to get the hub adjusted so it didn't slip. The yellow dot is in the center like it should be and it slips in 6th gear. My …
  • Thanks for getting back to me about the rear wheel. How much are you asking for it? Bill
  • Where are located? I'm in Romeo, Mi, maybe I could pick up the wheel if you're no too far away.
  • If you don't get any takers on the i8 20 in. rover wheel I would be interested. I would like to up grade my Wife's 3 speed Rover.
  • I had the same problem, side seat rails hurt my hips. I solved the problem by inserting a 1" x 14" x 12" black closed cell foam between the upper and lower seat covers. This make the seat a lot firmer, if it's to firm after riding awhile I can tak…