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  • Lmao. First thing I read this am...there must be a way to harness this power and turn it into energy, for the Trike.
  • Self propelled. Bottle it for those uphill climbs...
  • Bearing question. At what age/mileage/ condition should you replace them?
  • Have my left wheel off. Seems I need a Torx bit to take brake rotor off. Had a Torx set I bought but can’t find at this moment. Never thought I’d need one for this vehicle. Plan on replacing bearings. Both sides. They seem to move ok. But I want tha…
  • Just bought some maple that is 2 1/2” wide. Was going to rip it down the middle to get 5/16” thick pieces. Was going to remove wood it the middle underneath for a plastic strip to take the abuse of stones and the like. I have read about gluei…
  • I clamped my first attempt of oak to a larger than 20” rim for a day. Oak still didn’t hold the shape, it released back an inch or so at the tips. This piece I had steamed twice. I don’t know if this is a no-no. Oak started to split at one end in th…
  • I think it is a blue Amsoil water resistant grease I use for boat trailer bearings.
    in Wheel bolts Comment by Finn59 January 19
  • I want to grease bearings. I have some blue stuph I use in boat trailer bearings. Its’ name eludes me...thinking of ordering new chain and brake cables during the white season as well. The Trike is 5 years young. These have prob never been looked at…
    in Wheel bolts Comment by Finn59 January 19
  • Have not done it yet. Trike is on exerciser. Haven’t tried to loosen left side as it is tight to wall. Feeling under weather today. Wife has had hacking cough for two weeks now. So far I have avoided getting it.....
    in Wheel bolts Comment by Finn59 January 19
  • ...makes em too. Damn spell correct. No slang.
  • Woody’s of Bend, Oregon makes me too. A lot of variety.
  • Going to da Depot to get that 3/8” 8mm so I have it for the torque wrench after I regrease the bearings.
    in Wheel bolts Comment by Finn59 January 19
  • Mine are smooth. No markings whatsoever. 2013 Rover.
    in Wheel bolts Comment by Finn59 January 19
  • 17.7 ft lbs= 24 newton meters. Class dismissed. Think spring.
    in Wheel bolts Comment by Finn59 January 18
  • Finally. Got the right cap off with help from impact driver. Surprised there was as little blue threadlocker as I found. Only covered half the circumference of the bolt. 1/4” wide swath too. Now converting newton meters to ft lbs.
    in Wheel bolts Comment by Finn59 January 18
  • I just saw that on TT univ video. I have a 2013 Rover silver paint. Was wondering if it has the quick axle that gets threaded in or the fixed axle from the factory. They thread differently. My older Trike would think both sides are lefty loosey.
    in Wheel bolts Comment by Finn59 January 18
  • Harbor Freight is where I bought my impact screwdriver. 6 bits included, 3 Phillips tips and 3 reg flat head bits. What do you think are my chances to find an 8 mm hex tip to fit it are?
    in Wheel bolts Comment by Finn59 January 18
  • Actually I think I have one of those. Bought it for the outboard. Lower lube drain screw. Thanks.
    in Wheel bolts Comment by Finn59 January 18
  • Been playing with it. Steaming thin strips works well. Setting up a decent system with clamps hasn’t proved easy. Been looking online for fender mounting hardware, and have a few choices there. Streets are pavement here. Bike paths still snow covere…
  • Page 9 scroll down has some info on tight steering. Enjoy.
  • There were some posts last summer about bushings. A lot of info there.
  • I had some wet/dry paper around so I used that. A couple gave me trouble. It streered like a new Trike when finished. Good luck.
  • Maybe hang a fake squirrel if front of Trike on an arm and wire. Dog may chase only so long though...
  • Seat bushings 4.95 each. 4 needed. Here’s a foto. Then scroll down to parts
  • Where are you at? Is it warm? Do you wear shorts when using the Ventisit? I read that it is scratchy...
  • From UK or somewhere in Europe?
  • What is on your seat, covering the seat?
  • Steamed oak strip again today. Yesterday, I tried a ratchet strap on a plastic barrel, and then a bike rim. Now I have that oak clamped to the rim in three spots. I am trying to hold off going to check on it. Will hold off til tomorrow. Don’t know t…
  • shows a few items.