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  • I kept thinking about my seat movement and I realized that the u bolt suggestion should have worked for me even with a slight difference in leg length. So I stewed on it until I decided to call terratrike. They sent me a new seat clamp for free and …
  • Was 75 degrees this morning when I rode. Completed a new personal best of 21 miles. I think that u-bolt solution is helping with the seat movement. Then I rewarded myself with an hour in the pool. Retirement here in Florida is tough but somebody has…
  • Finn 59 can't seem to find a picture of your rack. Did i confuse yours with someone else.
  • I have a 2" receiver . Yes I was planning on taking it off to store. It can rain a lot here. I am going to take a second maybe 3rd and 4th look at yours.
  • Finn 59 I live in Florida near tampa
  • Tried neighbors aluminium 8 ft ramps. They were heavy and awkward and bike had too much momentum coming down. So I figured some type of rack would be lower than the back of the large SUV still might need something to act as a ramp though.
  • I have a buick suv it's to high for me to lift bike into. Was looking at the ones built using harbor freight carrier. Looks good. Just wondering how high i would have to lift bike. Sorry to be a wus. Just balance isn't what it used to be
  • Thanks for all the advice did add the u bolt. Got a slight movement but much better. Has anyone seen an easy load tray rack. Saw it online. Looks nice but expensive. It was at Bend it cycle
  • What are wands,sorry to be so dumb. I was think of and piece on end with hinges to make a ramp as lifting may be a problem. I'm new at this.Just got my rover last sat. Found a carrier with ramp system but was $640.00 and a third ramp for no lifting …
  • I was wondering if you knew where to buy the u channel you used to build your rack.