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Rode Withlacoochee trail again yesterday. Met 2 great trikers. Rode a total of 22 miles. Not bad for an old guy. Goal is 30. Owensboro trailhead to Inverness where I bought my rover. Learned they are building a 10 miles addition to the trail near croom rd. Looking forward to next time,hoping to make more friends.


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  • I've ridden my Rover over 900 miles in 6 months and the heal slings always work just perfect.
  • Bluewater,I also have foot drop caused by right Achilles tendon-CP- I got my Rover in Feb. I had never ridden one before either. Now I ride 10 miles a day and avg. 10 mph. Once I rode it I didn't want to get off If i can do it anyone can. Hang in, p…
  • I was just looking at a camelback hydration pack,looks like a backpack. Does anyone know if you could put one of those behind the seat on a Rover and if you've used one do they keep water cold?
  • Tim,I went Amazon Blue Desert hydration system. You should be able to find drinking tubes and mouth pieces. The one I got even came with a clip to keep the hose close
  • Thanks Finn59. I'm in Florida so too far to go look. Have a rover but would love to move to a rambler.
  • Still waiting to know where bike is located
  • Sure looks like a rambler. Says rambler on frame behind left front wheel. Where are you located?
  • Too bad I live in Florida would love to see those trikes. Wife and I visited Goshen in 2010 .We went to a diner/soda Shoppe we saw on a tv show. Can't remember the name now but was great.
  • I also play music thru a Bluetooth speaker from a playlist on my phone . I have over 100 rock and roll songs on my list. So I can ride as long as I want and never repeat a tune. It was a gift from my daughter. Pay back for the bike radio i bought he…
  • Same thing happen to me. When I called terratrik e sent the clamp free of charge. No problems since.
  • I have trouble lifting my trike so I bought an Easy Load tray rack with ramps. It was expensive but is easy to use,easy loading. Added a hitch rider and anti rattle clamps. It is great to transport trike. Really loving it but again it is expensive.
  • You guys are great. Thanks for your responses. Finn,I have peppergel. Better than spray, no blowback. You can get it online around $12 I think. Withlacooche trail is only about 15 miles away. It runs 46 miles north. Just hoping to find others to ri…
  • Just wondering if there are many trikers near Zhills fl . Just started riding my Rover a couple of months ago and am tired of just my development. Hoping to meet others to ride withlacoochee trail.
  • I kept thinking about my seat movement and I realized that the u bolt suggestion should have worked for me even with a slight difference in leg length. So I stewed on it until I decided to call terratrike. They sent me a new seat clamp for free and …
  • Was 75 degrees this morning when I rode. Completed a new personal best of 21 miles. I think that u-bolt solution is helping with the seat movement. Then I rewarded myself with an hour in the pool. Retirement here in Florida is tough but somebody has…
  • Finn 59 can't seem to find a picture of your rack. Did i confuse yours with someone else.
  • I have a 2" receiver . Yes I was planning on taking it off to store. It can rain a lot here. I am going to take a second maybe 3rd and 4th look at yours.
  • Finn 59 I live in Florida near tampa
  • Tried neighbors aluminium 8 ft ramps. They were heavy and awkward and bike had too much momentum coming down. So I figured some type of rack would be lower than the back of the large SUV still might need something to act as a ramp though.
  • I have a buick suv it's to high for me to lift bike into. Was looking at the ones built using harbor freight carrier. Looks good. Just wondering how high i would have to lift bike. Sorry to be a wus. Just balance isn't what it used to be
  • Thanks for all the advice did add the u bolt. Got a slight movement but much better. Has anyone seen an easy load tray rack. Saw it online. Looks nice but expensive. It was at Bend it cycle
  • What are wands,sorry to be so dumb. I was think of and piece on end with hinges to make a ramp as lifting may be a problem. I'm new at this.Just got my rover last sat. Found a carrier with ramp system but was $640.00 and a third ramp for no lifting …
  • I was wondering if you knew where to buy the u channel you used to build your rack.