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  • Ha! Looking at the pics you'd think it was cold out or something. Just joking! I think I was one of the most bundled up of the group. Lol seriously though, nice pictures. And the ride was the icing on the cake for me at least. I would love to come …
  • We all had a great time! From test riding, meeting lots of nice people, to watching my son Robert pulling out raffle tickets. Yes it was cold and dreary but the rain held off. The group ride was lots of fun! The trail great and the company even bett…
  • I just signed the rsvp. Unfortunately my better half couldn't get the day off, but my boy's coming with me. I'm also trying to get my uncle to come too with his tt.
  • I haven't filled out the rsvp yet but I'm pretty sure I can make it.
  • I don't know about those, however mine are a platform style clip less. Meaning clip less on one side and standard platform on the other. I like having a choice of which shoes to wear.
  • I sincerely wish you the best! Three weeks will seem like a life time, but when your little bundle of joy arrives, it will all be worth it!
  • I just switched to primo comets. I had the 20x1.5 marathons up front and the 26x1.5 on the back. Now I have 20x1.35 up front and 26x1.0 racer on the back. Since switching to those and going to clipless pedals, my average speed has jumped from 11mph …
  • I like night riding. It makes things more interesting for sure! There are many head lights and tail lights on the market. I have a bell and a skully light for head lights and a bell and a planetbike super flash 1 watt for tail lights. The bells I go…
  • on the hostel shoppe web site there is a link in the help guides for a gear inch calculator. That's a pretty close indicator for what you want. If you want to get more precise, sheldon brown got one with more perameters. Good luck
  • I switched because of my back. I haven't had surgery but I live with dayly pain. I chose the zoomer model because at that time it was the only model that had a 26" wheel option. Which is something I wanted. I love it! But it is low to the ground and…
  • are you allowed to elaborate or must the cat stay in the bag?
  • i'm not sure if there would be any advantages to switching to 26" front wheels but one big disadvantage would a loss in turning radius. i have yet to see any tadpole trike with anything larger than 20" wheels up front and that's including homebuilts.
  • i'm very happy to help. if you have other questions, bentrider online is good place to go. there are many people there much more knowledgable than me who are more than willing to help out as well. good luck with your new trike and happy riding!
  • don't forget flags and fenders. at least a rear fender unless you don't mind getting a stripe up your backside.
  • on the serious side, I'm glad that you weren't injured. on the fun side, I can see the headline now: a picture of porky pig studdering "that's all folks!"
    in Animals Comment by bumblebee May 2011
  • caryl, yes. it was silly. i would have done the same thing if it were to happen to me. and i would have had just as much fun with it in reading the responses as i hope you have. fun things are always cool, silly or not!
  • very cool! congrats. remember where you came from. don't let the fame go to your head! lol
  • one thing to remember about those handle bars is fenders! i made that mistake when i got my zoomer. first time i got caught in the rain, my hands, up my arms, and my handlebars got splattered.
  • i just faxed in my applications for both spring and fall rides. i also faxed in the app. for the mid west recumbent rally in wisconson for august. does anyone else have any rides planned out yet?
  • I'm going up there saturday to pick up my wife's new trike and mine. So maybe I'll get to see it in person!
  • I was just there yesterday and while I was tooling around their indoor test track, they had their prototype sitting in the back. So I asked about it. I mis read what they had posted. I thought they combined 2 rovers into a tandem, but it's a tandem …
  • yes sir joe8351. The ride I'm referring to are the big mac scenic spring and fall bike tours. I do them both pretty much every year. It's a beautiful ride capped off with the ride over the bridge. Then if you go, try riding around on the island. I…
  • try looking up rails to trails. There is the dalmac tour, the one hellava ride tour, and my personal favorites, the spring and fall big mac bike tours.
  • the big mac bike tour is a 2 day event. There are 4 different routs ranging from 25 miles to 100 miles on saturday. Sunday is the actual ride over the bridge. Once over the bridge you ride into st. Ignace and from there you are either ferried back …
  • I don't know what the exact link is, all you have to do is google big mac bike tour and you find it for sure. The dates are june 11-12 and september 17-18.
  • I believe the larger rear wheel helps with stabillity. At 25mph, you are getting close to your top gearing. The larger wheel also helps this out. Fenders for me are a must. They help keep the dirt off your back and arms. If you're commuting to work,…
  • yes. I too want to wish everyon a merry cristmas and happy hollidays!
  • it looks like all you're missing is 8 more reintrikes pulling a sleigh with good ol jolly st. Nick!
  • i bought my zoomer last year going directly from mountain bikes to my trike. regular bikes = numb wrists, sore butt, and hurting back. trikes = none of that!!! to me, there hasn't been any down side at all. my only suggestion is to simply try it …
  • i'm pretty sure i speak for all the trikers out there when i say that we all get all kinds of remarks!