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  • As to keeping up with the family, most of that depends on how in shape you are. You will go slower uphill, but don't worry about having to walk it up hills, as being able to stop and go on hills with ease is an advantage of trikes (not to mention th…
  • Unless you're going off road, a trike should go everywhere a bike. I prefer powerstraps over clip less pedals. I'd rather not have to change shoes to ride the trike. It would be one more reason to avoid taking trips around town instead of driving…
  • fontmaster wrote: Sorry for taking so long to respond. Don't worry It's taken me just as long as you have to reply in turn The HPV festival's page is
  • kellib wrote: We have a new mount due out for the Rover at the end of this month! It will hold a water bottle cage, headlight and computer or possibly something else you have in mind. Excellent! Looking forward to it.
  • Is the Ayer reference to the Nashua River Trail ? I had to drive down from Maine last month and give it a try, as I had a hard time believing that there was a trail that flat in New England. Me and my nephew enjoyed riding it, and would return to…
  • SeattleScott wrote: I have a full IT tool kit and a bit that fits in it perfectly. It's not the bit that is the problem, it's how tight the nut is on the bolt. An "IT tool kit"? If by that you mean a kit meant for working on computer hardwar…
  • 1. What do mostly use your TerraTrike for? c. Exercise 2. Have you ever considered purchasing a fairing for your bike? a. Yes 3. What feature do you most dislike on other fairing designs? n/a (don't know enough to have an opinon) 4. In w…
  • Thanks bluerapids. My dealer already made the adjustments, but this is good to know for future reference.
  • MSgt Ken wrote: I updated the photos. So far I have made it up and down the street and learned there are hills in our neighborhood that you don't notice in a car or on motorcycle. Taking is slow and easy getting old legs back into shape. I've…
  • maplacek wrote: Did I mention that I am a complete newbie to biking...never had one as a child! Me too! Glad to know I'm not the only one.
  • Marty wrote: Do you stop peddling when you shift gears? As you may or may not know, the internal hubs shift better when not peddling. Not being familiar with the internal hub myself, it took me a little while to adjust. I do stop pedaling. …
  • szspins wrote: I found a new site called "recumbentTV" that has some really good videos on assembly etc. for the Rover was merely embedding the you tube videos that TerraTrike produced and uses on this site
  • Also, make sure the straps are tight on the seat. Aha! There's the culprit. I just had to tighten up the front most strap. Thanks!
  • Being my first cycling experience I have no frame of reference, but I think I have a problem with the hub on my Rover 8. It seems when I shift up into third suddenly I'm often spinning my pedals to little effect as if it was still 2nd. The same e…
  • If you are talking about the Cateye Micro Wireless that Terratrike sells, there is a way to reset the trip data without resetting the whole device. Just press the mode and start/stop button at the same time, and the trip data you are in will all …
  • That's why I call my Rover my M.L.C.V. Mid Life Crisis Vehicle (or was it Mobile Lawn Chair Vehicle? . )
  • Very nice, very "McGyver" I was wondering how to attach the various accessories I wanted without the ability to use the accessory mount with the Rover. Thanks for sharing this.