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  • Where are you located?
  • The quick two that come to mind are a boom spacer (1 inch to get the boom out just a touch longer) or shorter cranks( to keep your feet from coming back so far.)
  • This weekend anyone? I'm thinking sunday looks like a GREAT day for a trike ride.... if you're interested.
  • Spring in Here!!!!!! I'm getting my tour back in a couple days and I'M READY!!! Anyone else ready? lets get an Iowa Group ride setup and get out! I know there's PLENTY of Iowa Trikers out there!!!!
  • whats the address?
  • Hey there New..... Right now My Tour in in the shop getting some much needed maintenance and a few upgrades My sched is a little unsettled right now but I'm sure excited to get out and ride as much as possible. Are you from the DSM area or…
  • I'm glad to hear that you have had pleasant dealings with TT past your initial one. I hope to hear stories about you and how much you're enjoying your trike.
  • You know there's a saying.. Sometimes when you drop the ball, even when you try to pick it up, it just keeps rolling away from you. It sounds like the customer support people at TT have tried to please you(you even recieved a call from the own…
  • I've also seen the zip tie "studs." They were interesting. A friend of mine actually screwed very short sheet metal screws through his tire to create a decent ice tire. I was impressed and it worked quite well.
  • 14 inches would be a short boom 16 inches a medium boom 18 inches a long boom.
  • Is that legal on the bike trails and how much noise does it makes?
  • Another thing would be to have someone ride with you to get an outside perspective on whats going on. If you ever want to ride, whtrike and Myself are Both Local in DSM and I know we are both always ready to enjoy a ride with another local triker. …
  • So, I've been riding more lately and let me tell you, I'm still loving every second. New Update, I was able to find a used Greenspeed GTR for my wife so she's been albe to get out and enjoy the triking experience with me. So far we haven't rode t…
  • I know it's been while since you posted but it appears UtahTrikes has a long boom for a cruiser in stock. Could check that out.
  • I might be in the market in a couple months if you still have your tour....gotta wait and see what happens here first.
  • That was a Great Ride. A little head-wind going west but easily overcome. I'm looking forward to more rides like this and maybe we'll get a few more takers to join.
  • My overall favorite accessory is my Burley D'lite trailer for my 3 year old son. He loves riding with me and is a delight to have on any ride. Right now my favorite Trike accessory is the seat back bag. So nice to have.
  • I haven't seen any other trikes on the trails since I've started but it's only been a week so I cant get too rushed. I'm a HUGE fan of Barr and Dave is one of the nicest guys I've talked to when it comes to anything trikes. I went to Bike World l…
  • I actually live in Colfax but work in Des Moines. I've really just started riding again after quite a long hiatus but I'm eager to get back into things. Id like to ride the trail out west but haven't been that way yet. My riding schedule is a little…
  • I'm making sure to be very careful because i've read plenty of stories about people's feet falling/slipping off pedals. I'm not going to say it wont happen to me (because that would be ignorant) but I will be careful. Thank you for your input. Trust…
  • Right now I've got the stock TT pedals but I'm going to be getting clipless before too long. I've only had it for about 5 days and my budget is very limited. Over the winter I will be doing some upgrading. The shoes that I do have grip the pedal…
  • Ok, I finally picked up a few nice pictures this evening. This was on Iowas High trestle trail. I was 3 miles into of a 28 mile ride.
  • I test rode the Rover and the Tour. I was equally impressed with both. I could climb hills with ease with both trikes and was comfortable with both but I prefered the Tour. I was more comfortable with the link steering, lower seating position and th…
  • I haven't taken any daytime pictures yet, although I should have on my ride this weekend. It was absolutely beautiful. I took my tour to my LBS saturday and had them look it over and give it a quick adjustment as the shifter was slightly out of a…
  • What size frame/boom?
  • Also...should have asked, What size frame/boom is it/you?
  • What price are you asking for your cruiser?
  • ckalkhof wrote: No one wants to save a fortune on a brand new, top of the line Zoomer SL?? I would LOVE to buy your Zoomer and save money but even that price....they are out of my price range.