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  • Hello, I'm wondering if you found the solution to this problem. I too have to scoot back in my seat quite often and I had been blaming it on seat design and have not been too concerned about it. After reading this, and realizing this doesn't happen…
    in Submarine Comment by Farva February 2013
  • It's been a while since I rode my trike. Did they finish the trail between Valley of the Rogue State Park and Gold Hill? If not, what is the road you ride between there? I live in Grants Pass and would be interested in riding with some other trikes …
  • Thanks for all the suggestions. I almost purchased the Rohloff but I was feeling hesitant about the price and kept thinking of all the other things I could buy with that money. So, I decided to start with clipless pedals and knee savers and just kee…
  • Thanks for your reply. Are you happy with the Patterson/SA combo? Did the Patterson give you a beneficial lower gear? Im definitely not very knowledgeable when it comes to gears. I love to keep things simple, stupid simple. It seems I may have paint…
  • The guy in that video is leaning way more than I ever have and I haven't flipped. I will count my lucky stars.
    in flipped Comment by Farva May 2012
  • Please let us know if you find a good solution. I mount my Rambler on the roof of my car and it is killing my gas mileage. If that seat could quickly fold down it sure would be helpful. Like you said, the time it takes to disconnect the rack is a pa…
  • Thanks blueflamecruiser. That site is going to be a very good resource. I wish I hadn't already came up with a solution before seeing that link cause I think I like it better than what I ended up doing.
  • I still don't have a camera at the moment but here goes.... I already had a roof rack for my mountain bike. The type where you remove the front wheel and attach the forks directly. That doesn't matter because you won't be using the fork attachment …
  • Nope the Rambler will not break down. I did come up with a roof mount solution that works well for me and my car. It took some thinking on my part, ouch, as I couldn't find any ideas online that worked for me.
  • The delux fenders arrived and we had the same issue attaching them to my Rambler yesterday. My LBS came up with a MacGeyver solution as well. These fenders are really nice by the way.
  • I think Medicare would want you to use a Durable Medical Equipment Supplier and I think that supplier gives them a CPT code and the prescription from your doctor as well as signed order stating the necessity. They are concerned with mobility INSIDE …