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Here is my work stand for the tour II, will work on Rover, rambler!!


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  • Hey, Sharkey, if you are interested there are a group of us that meet for Coffee every Sunday at the Town Square on Main street in Vacaville, right where Merchant street meets Main Street. There is a German bakery there and we meet at 900am most eve…
  • I also bought a Rambler 24 speed and rode it for about 2 years, all the time it was rather twitchy with the steering even with a toe adjustment.  I came across a deal on a Tour II which I couldn't refuse and it had alot of extras on it, this was a n…
  • Here's what I did with my Tour II mirrors:
  • I made these mounts for my Tour II. The pic's are on flicker:
  • Robpur, here's my work stand:
    in Work Stand Comment by 74man June 2013
  • Hey Rob, I get the high speed wobble when coasting down hill at above 20 Mph. I tightened the steering bolt below the handle bars but still have enough wobble to get your attention quick. I just try to keep the trike going straight by using the brak…
  • Hey Jim, I too found my upper King Pin bolt to be loose and the bottom bolt was also a little loose. I tightened the top bolt and found that I had to hold the bottom bolt with an allen wrench in order to get the top bolt tight. I now check every tim…
  • Hey Twin Bay, where did you get the Pro Dampener? Do you have a part Number? Did you get the dampener from Terra Trike? How long did it take you to install the dampener? Thanks Bob
  • Kelli, the tech's can't help if the part is not there. I ran into the same problem when I installed both my wifes rear fender on her ROVER and my rear fender on my RAMBLER.The Bike Planet fender is for a 20" bicycle because it has the plastic bracke…