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  • Yes it is. I'm in Charleston, IL. About an hour south of Champaign.
  • I've got a Rambler 8 and have put about 1,000 miles on it in the past year. Flat farm country here so that helps a lot but I've never really felt restricted by the 8 speeds. And so far nearly every driver I meet has waved and given me lots of room…
    in rover8 Comment by w8aq April 2013
  • Thanks Chonk!!! I'm one of those guys who used to check in here daily just to lurk but then gave up with the spam. I appreciate you jumping on the problem.
  • I'm envious! It's a bit of a drive from here in Illinois but I'm a native Buckeye and coming back home is always enjoyable. Thinking that I may give this a shot. Let's see how many TerraTrikers we can get to commit. Might be quite enjoyable.
  • Any pictures available? Sounds like a nice modification. Thanks.
  • New to trikes and never done a century (or even close). Started doing this on my 60th birthday. How many trikes at this? Didn't see any in the pix. But it's driveable from Illinois and am temped if some other trikes are there.