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  • I received 26" rear wheel and have it on the bike (Local shop did the swap and basic check-up for 80 bucks). I took it for a 35 mile last weekend, and I'm very happy with the upgrade. The ride is a lot smoother, and I gained roughly 5 mph to my to…
  • Randel, Knowing what I do now, that's exactly what I would have done. Gone with the 26" rear tire at the start, then picked up the basic touring package after the fact. I will say, the rack and panniers are something I could not do without at t…
  • I purchased a Tour II this spring and have managed to put about 1000 miles on it so far. I really do love this bike! Pros Hills - Going down you'll blow by everyone else. Comfort - Can you say portable lawn chair? Perceptions - Most people an…
  • I've been looking for the 26" wheel upgrade as well. Haven't seen it since the site revamp. I love my Tour II, and for touring and standard riding the 20" rear is fine. However, on long rides with by buddies on standard bikes, I find it nearly …