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  • Sounds like you got it right. The manual is not very explicit in exactly where to grease and where not to grease. I usually grease lightly the axles, both sides of the large silver washers which go on the Kingpins, the kingpins themselves, with th…
    in Grease?? Comment by VeloV September 2012
  • Don't forget to check your tie-rod adjustment occasionally, with tires fully-inflated, as improper adjustment can lead to "lift-off". I tore my rotator cuff this Spring due to improper adjustment and the resulting 'slow-roll' (my own fault).
    in flipped Comment by VeloV September 2012
  • I like your improvisation, though I hope you consider rounding those corners. I'd hate to have my crotch get hooked on that bracket in an 'incident'.
  • We usually recommend an upgrade to a Rambler for electric rear hub motor drive so as to get a frame with derailleur hanger in-tact. Crystalyte motors tend to be a bit on the heavy, side IMHO
  • Howdy, This is Ross, from Velo Verde in N. California. We've been using the N360 for about a year now, and really like them. They're a bit heavy, but you can get the perfect ratio so easily, though you sometimes can always be shifting. Fallb…