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  • My wife and I live in Little Rock, and usually ride the River Trail loop. Fairly flat except for crossing the Big Dam Bridge or the Clinton Library (a good place to park) bridge. It is about16 miles in length, and safe, except for the downtown LR …
  • I had both knees replaced, right almost 10 years ago, and left almost 9 years ago. No regrets!! Good physical therapy is the key to success, as well as a good surgeon!! The one I used was strictly a knee surgeon. He was doing about 300 a year, and …
  • I appreciate the info, and it makes me feel better about my decision of going with the standard SA-8. My wife and I are in our mid 60's and haven't done much biking in recent years. I'm hoping that will change with the new Rover tandem. We had a sta…
  • BTW, congrats on your new Rover. My wife and I also live in central Arkansas, and bought our tandem this past December. We have managed to get a few rides in the past couple of months. The trail along the Arkansas River is great, though the climb up…
  • We ordered the heel sling with our Rover8 tandem. They don't work, unless you want to mount a pair of shoes to the pedals with the cable attached. The cable is stiff and will not stay behind the heel. The heel pad is nothing but a wide piece of Vel…