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  • Funny you say that my motorcycles are '07 K1200GT, '92 R100R and '66 R50/2 and I use that bag on them.
  • Had a great time on the ride up to the time I got a flat tire. I should have my new tubes before the weekend maybe I can sneak out next sunday to do the entire trail this time. And yes I will have an extra tube on me this time. I'll bring the dig…
  • I have been putting a couple of miles this week not sure if I can do the entire trial... But I'm up for a ride on it next weekend in the early am. Any takers? Jim
  • I hope this weather will get better soon. Starting to go a little nuts. Jim
  • Hi Jeff, I have to agree with Jim about getting the base. I got the base myself I think it's a great deal but I did add the bar end shifters after trying one of each. If you can try to find a deal that will let you take one for a ride. I was a…
  • This spring sounds good can't wait.
  • If you guys are still out there... I just got my Tour II and would love to ride the Ayer trail. I grew up in Leominster and lived in Rockland while in the CG. Cheers, Jim