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  • It might be easier for you to just patch the tuibe. You do not have to remove the wheel to do this, just pull the tube out of the tire and find the leak. I changed my Rover to a 48sp and if I run out of the tubes they used to sell that can be put in…
  • Here are some pics of the changes I made. It is now a 48speed, but the same engine. It also can go up a wall. The rear hub is a SRAM Dual Drive 3 speed with an 8speed freewheel and the front a SRAM triple with the large ring replaced with a guard.…
  • Just an update. I built a front derailleur post from wood and found a cable stop online that was built from a 3D printer. Had a new rear wheel built using a SRAM Dual Drive with an eight speed freewheel. Now I have a 48sp Rover. I can now definitely…
  • I have finished the upgrade to the triple crank, but removed the outside ring and replaced it with a chain ring guard. It is a 30/40. To finish it off I also changed out the back wheel to a Dual Drive Sram with an 8 speed freewheel. It gives me a m…
  • Okay, have replaced the crank. Had to take out one chain link and then because the pedal placement was a little different had to move the boom out 1/2 inch. Cleaned the chain while I was at it. The change from at 32T to a 28T was just a small diffe…
  • Where is White Hall? I will be moving to Arkansas around December 2014, should be in Lakeview or Mountain Home.
  • Already have my Hotel room and event registration sent. Now all I have to do is practice.
  • Must be nice, down here in Houston the temps are down to 90+
  • I gave up on adjusting them after finding some instructions online. I went ahead and put on Avid BB5's and now I do not have to worry about them any more.
  • After 291 miles I can say with all confidence that the clamp wrapped in rubber does the job.
  • I just picked up mine a week ago and have the same slipping problem, will try the clamp w/rubber. Love this bike