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  • I was looking at the Double Century, but it seemed to be based on two of the FastBack 70LS bags, which are recommended for hard shell seats, as opposed to the M70 which is for mesh seats. I'd love the Double Century if I knew for sure it would fit o…
  • I went ahead and purchased it Saturday. Not sure how much I'll use it when it's hot during the summer, but I'll definitely post a review for the winter commute. Several people at the shop told me how much faster I would be with the fairing, but comf…
  • I posted over there as well. I thought I would post here in the hopes of getting feedback from a Tour II owner.Thanks,Matt
  • I'm in CDA and new to triking. I purchased my Tour II about 2 months ago and love it. I was riding about 2,000 miles a year, mostly commuting, on several different DF bikes, when I realized riding was no longer enjoyable due to the pain I suffered i…