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I bought them from Terra Trike. They're listed in the accessories section of products. They're called the all road wheel package. If you only want the 2 wheels, you should be able to get them from a local bike shop.


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  • Folks can get ball end allen wrenches from Home Depot or Lowes or even hardware stores. Yes you can get the very long ones too.
    in Jamesr Comment by gern February 2017
  • I have a Rambler that I put in the back of my Dodge Pickup. The bed is 72" from front to back and I have a camper shell on it too. The Rambler and Rover are close to the same in size. Mine sits a bit taller because I have the 24" all road wheel pack…
    in dimensions Comment by gern January 2017
  • I guess if you have the money....why not?
  • My seat, on a 2014 Rambler, has tags on both sides. Replacing the buckles, for me, wouldn't require any sewing. Wonder how many other seats are made the same way? By the way, I've had no problems at all with the buckles staying clipped together and …
  • @YamiYuki I would just replace the buckles. There is no sewing involved. Remove one of the old buckles and take it with you to a fabric store, or even one of the large sporting goods stores. The new ones don't have to be exactly like the old ones. J…
  • @jamesr. Don't know what you're talking about with aircraft disc brakes. Perhaps you're talking about little Cessnas and Pipers. I rebuilt brakes for commercial jets and they don't even compare to anything bicycle. Even the GA brakes don't compare t…
    in bb7s Comment by gern January 2017
  • Not me! Love my BB7s >-
    in bb7s Comment by gern January 2017
  • I don't care what the wife thinks or says. I went cold turkey on women years ago and haven't suffered from any withdrawals. Learned my lesson with the first one. I don't live well with others. 8-} I use the table for my trike stand.
  • She's thinking about her future.
  • Nothing goes in my pockets when I'm riding. Lost my wallet once that way. Fortunately a good Samaritan turned it in to the police and I got it back. Have a trunk pack on the back rack. Everything from the pockets goes in there.
  • @Florida_bound  But @squirrelpie0 is a hearty folk. A
  • Headphones while watching and pedaling indoors.
  • I looked up Duke 300. It is a KTM dirt bike as far as I could determine.
  • Now you're talking TCEd. That ranks right down there with the leisure suits from disco days.
  • @IdahoTrailLizard. You can get self adhesive, ready to install strip LED's from the Auto Zone in Ontario, OR. Just go there and look at what they have. Most of the packages have a button you can press to see what the lights do. There is a small batt…
  • I know there will be some that will not be happy with me, but....I got very tired of the air leaking out of my tires. It happened with the stock 20" that came on my Rambler and continued with the 24" all road package. Had new tubes installed with re…
  • Everything is on the strip. All it takes is 12V DC and they pull minimal current too.
  • According to the new thing called "Common Core" all of you are right because you explained how you came to you conclusions. How you think is more important than actually being right. Now that I put that ugly stick into this pond.......Have a loverly…
  • What happened to the 60's? Oh yeah. If you remember the 60' weren't there!
  • Hey Lizard, the internal 3sp would replace the front 3 rings. You would use the left shifter for the IGH and the right shifter for external gears.
    in Rear gears Comment by gern November 2016
  • MAMIL-ITIS- The severe medical condition that would fill local emergency rooms if I went out wearing Lycra. It's almost, but not quite as bad if I showed up at the local pool wearing a Speedo.
  • Some of my misspellings (or misterspellings) have been nothing less than embarrassing. "> Just have a good laugh and move on. If everyone was perfect this world would be a very dull place. My brother sent me a quote from Reader's Digest. "When y…
  • That's singular for "verymany" ) ) I kill me!
  • It's a simple fix. Don't know how expensive though. Make the handle portion mount just like the bottom of the bar clamps onto the king pin. That way once you have the width set, you can place the handles where you want. TT could also make the vertic…
  • The bone shape you're looking for is listed right there on the Amazon page. The number is 7" x 4" x 1" PU
  • Look at the post "Easy front fenders" here on the forum. I have the wide handlebars and came up with these instead of the deluxe fenders.
  • The little disposable hand warmer packs are great for hands, feet, and other areas. Wal Mart has them.
  • @IdahoTrailLizard Just a suggestion but you can get 3M Extreme mounting tape from home improvement store or auto parts store. This stuff is dark grey with a red protective strip and comes in different widths. I used it on my Semi Truck and trailer t…
  • The soles on my Shimano shoes are hard and very stiff. There is no flex to them at all, so walking is a bit weird. @PaulNM. Check eBay for shoes. Might find a good deal there.
  • You can get self adhesive LED strip lights from auto parts stores like Auto Zone and power them with a 9volt battery. Amazon and eBay have battery holders that will work very well. Very little weight added to the trike too. Can get just about any co…