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  • I am using Sturmey-Archer Dual drive on the Rover Tandem for the past year wit no problems
  • The Rover Tandem is 9 1/2 feet long and fits nicely in a minivan without taking anything apart. I travel mime in a KIA minivan with the rear wheel between the front seats. A long bed pickup truck has an 8 foot bed so the tandem would have to hang ov…
  • I have the Rover tandem with the new shims and still had the seat sliding back problem. Two days ago I got the idea to put electrical tape on the plastic shims to give it a little grip. I have since ridden about 50 miles with no slippage whereas bef…
  • I have tried Kojaks an Big Apple tires on the Catrike Expedition and found the Kojacs are faster only if the roads are really smooth but they lose speed fast on bumps, cracks, sand or any road imperfections. The Big Apple tires are heavier and take …
  • I see most of the answers here are by people who have no actual experience or knowledge. (Yes I do own the Rover tandem with IPS) You can not change the front chainring on the IPS as it is 110bcd which can mount a minimum chainring of 33 teeth. Stoc…
  • I have converted to Sturmey-Archer dual Drive with 8 speed Shimano Mega range cassette which lowers the gear inch to 14. I used "Problem Solvers Derailleur hanger. I had the Dual drive from another bike so it was a natural. works great
  • After riding my Catlike Expedition (I do have a Rover Tandem on order) for a year commuting to work and back I have concluded that Big Apples are the best for my use. I started with Marathon Racers and went to Kojaks which while they spin up faster …