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  • Here's a bit of an update.  Recently I spoke with one of the more knowledgeable techs at my local Penn Cycle (local chain of LBS in the Twin Cities).  He pointed out to me that since the tie rod was spring loaded there would be a great amount of pla…
  • Here's an update for those interested.  I received a phone call from the LBS and here's what will be happening.  TerraTrike will be sending both the LBS and myself another new set of tires.  The shop will receive some small parts (unknown to me what…
  • @Enrigue64....My final question to them yesterday before leaving was if they were taking into account the frame flexing.  The mechanic/tech didn't know as he was relatively unfamiliar with TerraTrikes.  And when I pick it up I will ask them to check…
  • @ Florida_bound...My best guess is under 500.  I have a Mountain Bike also, so I switch between the two. @jamesr...I purchased the Trike directly from TerraTrike, so I would hope that they trued the wheels before shipping.  Penn Cycle is a chain of …
  • Thanks again, I much appreciate your insight!  I'll pass this information on to them tomorrow.  Hopefully they'll understand and this problem will be finally be solved. 
  • Mike, thanks!  What are cap bolts and king pins?  I'd like to pass that info along to the shop; but before I do that I'd like to understand what those are.  I think the shops have just been focusing on the Tie Rod only.
  • I'm in the Minneapolis area also and have a Traveler.  Since I have a small car I just fold up the Trike and place it on top of a piece of cardboard in the trunk.  It's nice and secure there.  When it's time to unfold it or fold it for storage I pla…
  • I'm interested if they would fit the Traveler, please post what you have.