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  • Willie, From your post above " It takes around 2300 watts ( with no assist) to climb a 16% grade at 12 mph. ". Are you expectations to b able to maintain 12 mph while going up a 16 % grade ? That is very optimistic.
  • I'll have my crow sauteed with morel mushrooms.
  • Even Trek one of the larger bike manufacturers doesn't have a online parts store, Cat Trike doesn't, Ice doesn't. Yes they sell some accessories on line but not the hardware parts that make up a bike or trike.
  • Yup, bearings are easily identified.
  • Guessing T.T. has figured out a full parts catalog online, parts in inventory and someone to manage the catalog, maintain inventory and pull and ship parts isn't profitable.
  • Since this thread has gone downhill already............the V.A. , our Legislative and Executive branches of the federal government all are complicit in failing to properly care for the injured soldiers beginning in the hospitals with delays for trea…
  • I think back to when I was young and rode a bike everyday almost year round and the bike sat out in the weather. I probably never lubed or cleaned the chain, may have possible squirted some 3in1 oil on it but i doubt it. Later in life I had a number…
  • Regarding dog boots. We took our young german shorthair pointer to bass pro and fitted him with boots or sorta tried It was one of the funniest puppy acts I've seen. He resisted having them put on and then walked, staggered and jumped around unti…
  • Low rider rack is a excellent battery location, keep the C.G. low and cabling short.
  • Willie, Good luck with your power change. ed
  • TrikeBirder wrote: » When I lived in South Boardman & Fife Lake ~40+ years ago, after plowing the main roads (at ~60mph!?) they would put down brine (salt) soaked sand. The brine would melt the surface of any snow an the sand would stick to th…
  • Just went out to the garage to see what brand of chain lube I had, Rockgold. The normally thin liquid lube is as solid as lard in a unheated garage.
  • monocote wheel covers. I'm doing the same but using shrink wrap since I have a roll of it.
  • Monokote or shrink wrap. Check Google. Covering all three wheels could increase the effect of cross winds. Doubt it would provide much aero improvement if you have a lot of accessories I.e. bags, racks etc. But they look neat !
  • Shrink wrap the wheels, that's what I'm doing.
  • Las Cruces ! I worked at WSMR briefly. Ever ride over the Organ Mt. pass ?
  • October last year I planned to do a 75 mile ride from T.C. to Northport state park and back. Hwy 22 north of Sutton Bay is fairly safe by then except for the occasional leaf peeper. The weather just wouldn't cooperate, wind or rain keep it from happ…
  • Thouvht Mr Mike or Mr Bill on here is doing that
    in zwift, anyone? Comment by TCEd January 3
  • The cross town trail is being extended to Meijer on 72. Long range plan is to connect T.C. , elk rapids, charlevioux
  • West system epoxy
  • I removed my rack and fender when I changed tires a year ago. Wasn't using the rack so why carry it.
  • This is a mountain bike fender that cost $12 that I fastened with two tie straps to my rack. Works great.
  • Yup, cut the wood thin enough and you wouldn't need to steam them. Glue two or three thin strips around a curve and clamp until the glue dries and you have fenders. Hard part is making the brackets that fasten the fender to the bike.
  • The in the works trail from Traverse City to Charlevioux is in a similar situation. There is only so much right of way available to allow room for a trail. Farmers are not interested in having a bike trail on their property. So the trail developers …
  • This will be a good addition to the trail network within Michigan.
  • TrikeBirder wrote: » Oh yeah, I sent you a private message Ed, with info for you & your wife. good read, I replied.
  • TrikeBirder wrote: » Sold my skis when I replaced my right knee, left hip, and both shoulders. I believed I would never be able to ski again. My surgeon tells me he see no reason why I couldn't give it a try again. Well, no reason except I no long…
  • We relocated from a major suburb where both of us had nearby roots and careers to a small tourism supported city in the same state. It was a move for the good for us. We have made many local friends over the years and enjoy the open forests and big …
  • PapaSkisNTrikes wrote: » In spite of the hills on the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail it is well worth the effort. It is one of Michigan's beautiful trail gems. It is a very nice ride. A beautiful side trip off the trail is on the road through th…
  • PapaSkisNTrikes wrote: » E-assist for my wife's trike. She struggles on some hills. Iron Ore Heritage and Sleeping Bear Heritage trails for example. :-) Heritage does have a couple grades. Seems easier riding from north to south.