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  • Lewii, a test ride is a great idea, I think you'll love a trike.  I was a lifelong cycling fan, but things changed when I developed MS a few years ago.  I tried to keep rolling but it became tougher and more dangerous; a year ago I bought a Rambler,…
  • Prior to an MS diagnosis that has put me on a trike full time, I used a Kinetic trainer in the winter months and was always pleased that it resembled the feel of a real ride, in that the faster I was going, the more resistance I experienced.  I just…
  • I also got the TT bottle holder for the front of the boom, and I agree, it's a long reach!  I recently installed Versa Bars due to my mobility issues, a water bottle cage can be put on the mounts on the bars and is very convenient and within reach.
  • All,I received and installed my Versa Bars today.  I have not ridden with them on yet, but I did try several ups n downs, and they work great, even better than I thought they would.  I will be doing some fine tuning of the height and positioning ove…
    in Versa Bars Comment by ansellbd June 2016
  • Thanks all for your input, I think I'll go in the direction of the versa bars first, as they're more affordable and I'm on a limited budget. Say Florida_bound, in your post you mentioned versa bars for $65; where did you see that if I may ask?  I se…
    in Versa Bars Comment by ansellbd June 2016
  • I bought the TerraTrike rack at the dealer, in my case Penn Cycles in the twin cities.  The rack is also available on the TerraTrike website under accessories. (
  • I bought to stock TT rack when I acquired my Traveler, just a few screws to remove, but yeah, you need it gone to fold.
  • I have a Traveler that I rarely travel with, but it's handy when I go to an out of town conference, it'll fit in the trunk of my Camry.  A bit more cumbersome than I'd hoped, however I do have MS which impacts my moving around so that complicates ma…