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  • Just keep adjusting them smaller, the velcro hooks don't have to mate perfectly with the loops. I have about two inches on both sides that don't fasten. I keep meaning to trim them off but haven't made the effort.
    in Heel Straps Comment by Wilton August 8
  • Crowd source it. Go on facebook and ask everyone to write out their favorite sentence about triking. Then wrap them in a story about the trail.
  • Have her name pinstriped over the chip. We all name them, right?
  • I really like my Trike Tight. It holds both my Sportster and her Rover without much effort to adjust. The Sportster needs the rear Y pushed back to clear an idler and that just requires loosening one knob. Be prepared to lift your trike, it feels…
  • First thing I would try is to move the rear wheel back in the drop outs. Anything else would change your hard earned comfort between the seat and peddles. Just my humble opinion.
  • The TT rear fender is fully self supporting. It is fairly sturdy considering the fender is plastic. The stays are metal and have a smooth side or ribbed side. Be prepared to remove the rear wheel in order to attach the frame standoff.
  • If you pull the granade pins on the seat, you can separate the tubes and flip the seat forward over the boom. That should make the handle bars the tallest part and lifting the rear causes them to dip if needed. I fit a Sportster into a Honda Insig…
  • If you wear your hearing aids while triking, I suggest "Cat Ears". They attach to your helmet straps and block the wind, reducing the noise. Various versions for various hearing aids so email or call them for details. I've used the same ones for n…
  • Hey Marketing Dude, I've bought two TerraTrikes in the last 18 months and I've paid for the heel slings both times. I must be going to the wrong shops. The heel slings are worth every penny though. That is the story of my trike buying experien…
  • Yes, to both questions, BTW.
    in Mesh seat Comment by Wilton June 2017
  • Here in Georgia you sit in a puddle if you don't have a mesh seat. It was my dealer's "mandatory" option on the Rover.
    in Mesh seat Comment by Wilton June 2017
  • I tried a Cateye Padrone on my Sportster's post. It worked when I tested it by holding the boom up enough to spin the wheel. When I rode it didn't. I got off and lifted the boom and spun the wheel and it worked as advertised. Back on the trike, n…
  • Interested, but not real keen on riding streets in downtown Atlanta. Is there separate bike trail you have in mind?
  • I've been using a product called Wide-Eyez for the last year or so.  It is a lot like a fighter pilot visor that drops down over my face.  It attaches to any helmet with two hook and loop patches and a pretty cool screw device.  The tinted one is go…
    in Canopies Comment by Wilton May 2017
  • This stand caught my eye.  There is another video where he loads the trike and pulls it up to the upright position.  I didn't see it on my quick search.  He uses his cane to assist.
  • I apoligize for the odd angles, the trike is loaded into the truck.  Here are the slings I wrote about, not sure what the power grips are like.I just drop my heel into the sling and it sort of locks the shoe in place.  I can still wiggle it side to …