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  • TrikeBirder wrote: » Everyone has seen these I assume- Ugly, yes perhaps, but it could save your life! Here is their website-
    in Helmets Comment by YamiYuki September 9
  • If I'm more then a few feet away I lock my trike, How depends on the situation I'm in. If I'm just going in somewhere for a short stop I'll settle for running the lock through the rear wheel above the frame, otherwise I put it on a post with the cro…
  • I'm glad it could help and I have to agree, it makes a surprising amount of difference having a better fitting rack.
  • IdahoTrailLizard wrote: » YamiYuki wrote: » That's the one I got. Very pleased with how closely it hugs the tire, it's a pain to get setup, but not that big a deal though since you only really have to do so once. @YamiYuki You weren't kidding…
  • YamiYuki wrote: » @chonk I was wondering if you have any info on the load limit of the "Angled Bracket for Water Bottle Cage" accessory? Just wanted to ask since I've started using it with a strapdown rack.
  • I'm aware of that, I am asking about this:
  • @chonk I was wondering if you have any info on the load limit of the "Angled Bracket for Water Bottle Cage" accessory? Just wanted to ask since I've started using it with a strapdown rack.
  • IdahoTrailLizard wrote: » Rack arrived today. @YamiYuki what panniers did you end up using? I bought a pair of Hobos on clearance at my lbs. Not great but they work and can keep thinks cold as a bonus. Eventually I want to make some hardsh…
  • I know I will get crap for this but I prefer a knife. Never had to use it so far but if an animal attacks me I'd rather kill it then make it run away and possibly kill the next person.
  • IdahoTrailLizard wrote: » Tern Cargo Rack was the one someone mentioned to me last year. Found out it weighs 2 pounds though. Do like the design and that it has a protected rear light mounting bracket, but the weight... That's the one I go…
  • If you want to mount a headlight to the handlebars this looks like a good option:
  • Gordon_O wrote: » Many years ago, I took my Catrike out onto a frozen pond. Part of it was cleared and groomed for an ice rink. I rode my trike on the un-groomed part. It was fun to deliberately slide around corners and almost spin out. The childr…
  • FINN58 wrote: » YamiYuki- Can/do you pivot your foot into the toe clip? Do you have to pull back the toe clips at all to get shoe in? I have to put shims between pedal and toe clip to push toe clip further out. If I loosened the heel slings, my h…
  • FINN58 wrote: » I went back pages last night looking for a post I thought I had seen this year. Thought it said about using these with heel slings. And a forum user was or had tried this set up. Anyone remember this?? That was probably me.
  • "Stepless" shifting like the Nuvinci line uses is just a design with no fixed points in the "gear" range. As FINN58 said they use balls instead of gears. Here's a video explaining it from Fallbrook.
  • I wound up borrowing a Catrike Expedition I believe it was that one of the local shops people owned while my Rover was waiting weeks for parts. I found it very uncomfortable and left home as little as possible because of it. I have to agree with Ter…
  • I've been wonder that myself for years.
  • I agree but insurance companies usually look for any reason to give you as little as possible.
  • mrbill5 wrote: » I am seriously considering one of these which is a water bottle cage with welded handlebar sized clamp. Place it on seat support with bottom resting on the main trike frame. I've …
  • I use an insurance company that you decide a value and just pay for that, no concern on depreciation. I just know I can't afford to replace it if something happens so I insured it.
  • You would put those on the back or bottom of the seat frame not the sides like your thinking of.
  • I'm a firm supporter of AA and AAA lights since you can just swap the rechargeable batteries when needed.
  • I still need to report a couple post sets on the paths in my city that are too close myself. I keep forgetting , I should do that the next time I'm at them.
  • Good enough? They do realize that when peoples needs are disregarded long enough it can lead to "vandalism" in the form of solving the problem themselves right?
  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but racks for smaller wheels are very "rare". The only real ones I've found are made by or for folding bicycle companies and RackTime's Foldit Fix
  • I recently bought the Tern Cargo Rack myself, it sits just a bit more then 2cm above my fender at it's lowest setting on my 20" wheel compared to around 14cm on my previous 26" sized rack. It is rather nice but it won't work with all panniers, I had…
  • I can't comment on the rover 8s but on my n360 when I spin out I get to about 20mph on flat ground without a tailwind. I weight around 230# and should upgrade my gearing so I can go faster. The n360s came configured for 20-72 gear inches according t…
  • I have never ridden one. I went right to the trikes partly for safety reasons. I'm not saying two wheelers are inherently unsafe but I have had spills on icy roads. Fortunately I didn't have a car close behind me then.
  • It could be kind of "fixed" but your better off just replacing it as soon as possible
  • Yes, you have to disconnect the cables. Also I advice against getting a valve core tool like that. Get a slim dedicated tool instead, the one pictured is a real pain to use on a 26" wheel due to hitting spokes much less our 20" ones. These types …