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  • These are my shoes:
  • I think mine did. If not, they are available at any LBS that sells MTB bikes, and are pretty cheap as they will need replaced every year or so, depending on how much you walk in the shoes.
  • Pitch a tent the night before in Johnson Park? ;-)
  • The zip just separates the front crossbar section from the rear frame section. The loud "crack" we are hearing is really the two frame sections rubbing together under twist stress. The zip tie merely serves to separate them by just the width of the …
  • Shimano A-530 pedals are good. One side clip, the other not, and the clip side has full support all around. The M-530 is the same, but both sides are clipped with surrounding support. Both models have fully adjustable clip tension.
  • If you call TT directly, you can get small parts like that which are normally included in larger kits. Ask for the "fender stand-off bar" for the Rover rear fender and I'm sure they'll know what you mean. I normally ask for Taylor (taylor at terr…
  • I just have a 6 foot piece of 1x6 with a large "bike hanger" rubberized hook screwed into one end. I loop the hook through the door grab mechanism at the bottom of the back of my E-150, point the Rover backwards (rear tire rides the plank) and roll …
  • I second the zip tie between the forward crossbars and the frame. I thought I had broken my Rover the first time I went up an incline with a twist.
  • The crushed limestone is better than pea gravel, but still a lot harder than paved or asphalt. I'll stick with asphalt, thank you.
  • @JamesR it was actually looking at the difference between the kit price and an EVO, which is essentially a Rambler framework. $3300 for EVO, $2500 for kit . . . so the rest of the trike is only worth the difference in the two prices. I would hav…
  • Also note that the kit is for trikes with VERTICAL DROPOUTS. Rover i8 does not have vertical dropouts.
  • I was a little off on my math, so instead of 700 I'd say more like 1000, which is more reasonable. That being said, the EVO is designed from the start to be pedal assist, rather than grafting a system onto a trike that wasn't truly designed for it. …
  • TT now sells its trikes with Power Grips - I assume as their solution to the liabilities of leg suck.
  • @Florida_bound - Depending on your schedule, try driving up to Harbor Springs and riding the Little Traverse Wheelway from Harbor Springs, through Petoskey, and to Charlevoix, and back. 53 miles round trip, some of the most beautiful scenery in the …
  • My wife actually took one of her small messenger bags (like a small backpack but with only one strap diagonally across the back) and put it around her seat (using the straps of the seat to determine hang height). Seems to work well, and she's got a …
  • That wheel is awfully far forward in the track. Have you checked for any slack in the chain? Also, rolling it backwards with no tension on the chain really isn't going to show you much. You need to see how it reacts when there's tension on the chain…
  • Diamond frame road riders often carry a "Gilet" (sounds like filet), which is a very thin jacket kind of thing to wear for those slightly colder days. They also often wear arm sleeves (kind of like leggings for your arms). Check out the GCN channel …
  • i8, or x8? If x8 I'd suggest adjusting the derailleur high and low settings. i8, all I can think is perhaps the chain tubes are bent or mounted out of alignment, or perhaps one or two links too many in your straight chain setup.
  • Dang, then the manufacturers are ripping off the companies buying to sell, unless they are made from spider silk or something!
  • @Florida_bound you're right. Somehow I don't think it's a RiderfERst.
  • I've heard nothing but good things about the Falco. I think even HPV is now using them on their factory e-trikes as well (Scorpion 20FS+ paired with a Pinion front gear box), which really shows that it has proven its quality throughout the triking i…
  • Are you riding a trike or piloting a space shuttle?
  • Considering the stickers and all, perhaps a new skin wrap with fur and whiskers?
    in RAT is Ready Comment by Jrobiso2 May 21
  • It may be simple, but I'm hesitant to take an exacto knife to my $120 shoes to "see if I can do it".
  • There's a guy on FB who does these shoe mods for folks. Can't recall the name right now . . .
  • Shimano A530 (NOT 520) seems to provide a bit better support that purely double-sided clips. I have a set of double-clips, and the A530 (one side clip, one side regular). I would think that egg beaters would provide almost no support other than the…
  • The versa bars position the bottle an inch or two in front of your hands. You can reach that :-)
  • Versa Bars is a great addition and includes bolt holes for water bottle holders that hold your water upright.
  • Nice RAT
    in RAT is Ready Comment by Jrobiso2 May 10