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  • Between the s and the n in Wilson is the top
    in Solar Triking Comment by Peanut July 17
  • Was getting between 5 to 7. It just seems long because of the winding of the road. Come around a corner and more hill. There is a section in the middle where there is a down and up so you pick up a little speed to carry up the next climb.
    in Solar Triking Comment by Peanut July 17
  • Here is the video of the Hill Climb. On the downhill part of the run I was hitting 28 mph while riding the breaks.
    in Solar Triking Comment by Peanut July 17
  • That one I had it mounted to the derailleur post. I now have it mounted on my headrest. I got the parts from RAM Mount for the mounting of it. I can lift the back end of my trike off the ground with the way I have it mounted now.
    in Solar Triking Comment by Peanut July 16
  • I have a video of the hill climb, I will have to dig it up and post it.
    in Solar Triking Comment by Peanut July 16
  • Here is the video from last years Riderfest 13 mile ride that I did. This should give you an idea of the ride.
    in Solar Triking Comment by Peanut July 16
  • Someone call Norfolk and Southern, this topic has derailed.
    in Solar Triking Comment by Peanut July 13
  • Trick I use is put some lock tight blue on the threads before tightening down the lock bolts. This gives a little extra hold on them plus with using the blue you can break the seal that it makes.
  • I signed up but just need to confirm the date so when I book a room.
  • So is the date the 28th correct. I know on the website and the description in Eventbright say the 28th, but the time and date on Eventbright just below the tickets button says July 21st. Just wanting to make sure on the date, before I book my room …
  • Crank Brothers Double Shots. One side is platform and the other side is clipped. The cleats us the SPD two hole mount. So on the clipped side you are still getting the support of the platform. This is what I put on my Traveler.
  • Yeah it was not that far from where we were at. On the downhill part we came past the pavilion that was near where we were at.
    in Riderfest Comment by Peanut April 10
  • No there was around 8 of us that made the the climb. It was about a mile and half climb. We all got a gift bag full of stuff.
    in Riderfest Comment by Peanut March 30
  • I went up there last year,the rides were relatively flat. Now if you want to be crazy you can attempt the hill climb challenge. I did that also and the first thing i did was get into the hot tub at the hotel after getting back.
    in Riderfest Comment by Peanut March 28
  • Speaking of Riderfest just wondering when it will be so I plan my trip up there.
  • I see a Sweetwater sticker on that case. That company is where I live. That place is unreal. The owner of that company started out of the back of a VW van which is on display in the lobby of the main building. Their recording studios there are c…
  • Got me some Crank Brothers Double Shot 3 pedals, now just need to get some new shoes for this season.
  • That is interesting, If you were doing long distance tour it might be handy, but trying to figure a place to mount it on a bike or trike without it being in the way and clear path in front of it would be the challenge. I think it would be a little t…
  • Maybe we can get a response from TT if the Tour II drropout would work on a Traveler. I know when I stopped over there the day before Riderfest, I asked about if a Traveler would take a 26" on the back. They told me it would but you get into the i…
  • I get some pictures this weekend of my headrest mount and my mount I have on my post out in front. The one out front is out far enough and high enough so my feet do not show. and the headrest mount you do not see the top of my Helmet. Both are ve…
  • You would also make adjustments for the chain line. Also that would void the warranty doing something like that.
  • There was a person at the hill climb challenge at Rider Fest who had an electric assist and the battery died on the was up.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » I'm hoping it's bent . . . linkage steering . . . low-rider . . . vertical handlebars . . . and folds
  • I have one with a Arkel bag, and two water bottle cages on it. Here is a pic of it on my Traveler.
  • It has a pocket to hold a water bladder and a smaller pocket to hold items on the inside. This and the Arkel bag I have on my side seat mount I have plenty of room to carry.
  • This is what I have on the back of my Traveler. Fits on the back or the seat and will fit between the headrest post also.
  • 100 LM front light, two Cateye Rapid X3, one on each Flag, and 100 LM red flasher on the neck rest on my trike.
    in Lights Comment by Peanut September 2017
  • I lock mine through the frame and the brake, but also having a Traveler I will take the tie rod off also. Let the person who tries to ride off with it with no tie rod and see how far they get.
  • I can see this phone call Customer: I was calling to see if you had any Rover decals? Gerrod: Hold let me go check. Gerrod walks to Chonks office: Hey do we have any Rover decals around, I have a customer on the line asking. Chonk: left me check…
  • I have a RAM mount on the derailleur post and another on on my neck rest, give me a couple of options on recording a ride.