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  • My before stretching routine amounts to lacing up my riding shoes... My mid ride stretch is usually getting off the trike to pee and get an ice cream..... My post ride stretch/exercise is typically a barley pop.....or two!
  • I bought some led rope lights on ebay and attached to flag pole as a lighted whip. Very bright. Multi mode. Works for me. Mine are powered by 3 AAA batteries.
  • Chonk, I am glad to hear that. Sometimes I am accused of being in my own little world, but I knew I couldn't be the only one.
  • Missed opportunities.....
  • TCEd wrote: » Guessing T.T. has figured out a full parts catalog online, parts in inventory and someone to manage the catalog, maintain inventory and pull and ship parts isn't profitable. Not profitable? Seems that with todays drop ship capabili…
  • Finn, that's the thing, I would think it would add greatly to TT's bottom line. I, myself, fall into the having to wait til Monday thing, and then I forgets to a simple thing takes far longer to take care of. Some tell me, "that's too m…
  • Ok, So I have got some grease coming, tires, tubes, new avid brake kit, several needed specialty tools. When they get here, my fun begins. I got some ss wheels as a gift-figured I'd change the look on the pro and maybe improve the ride with a wide…
  • I bought a cheap paniers set on e-bay, but not nearly the quality of TT stuff. I have the older rack top bag, no panniers.
  • I would pony up and get the TT bag.....doesn't it open up into paniers too? Ask for a discount since you bought the bike, most dealers will knock off a percentage.
  • TCEd wrote: » I think back to when I was young and rode a bike everyday almost year round and the bike sat out in the weather. I probably never lubed or cleaned the chain, may have possible squirted some 3in1 oil on it but i doubt it. Later in lif…
  • Finn, I feel your burn.LOL!
  • Ironman1518 wrote: » Have used many different bearing greases since 1970, in cars, motorcycles, bicycles. Have used Castrol, Valvoline, Mobile 1, Quaker State, Finish Line, Park, and found that for my needs and greasing methods, Progold EPX is bes…
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » Reminds me of the days when we had to re-grease or replace the wheel bearings on our cars frequently. (Or am I just aging myself again?) Short answer: yes, unfortunately. Every morning that I am able to get outta bed, under my …
  • And Happy New Year to all!
  • Merry Christmas to all! A balmy 12degrees here today, brrr. Hope you all are well and have a great 2018! TCEd, took me a while to convince friends that the rides were about fun, not competition. Slow down and experience the sights, sounds and sme…
  • It is gonna be nice for a few more days, so I am going to get the trike out again and be the guinea pig. I am thinking about vee tires.
  • What did ya get? I splurged on padded mesh seats.
  • I can honestly say, I didn't need anything, but have been wanting for awhile so....................I splurged, just a little.
  • I am $$$ lighter now. Forgot 1 item though , but really like the savings. Wish it was more often.
  • Depreciation? A trike is worth whatever someone is willing to pay, or is insured for. I chuckle when someone uses the depreciation thing in negotiation versus buying new. I politely tell them they called me at the advertised price and they are stand…
  • Maybe I need to stop more....people keep sayin I gotta few screws loose too!
  • Luckily, I live in a small town and the only two trikes(tandem pros) belong to me and the friend of mine I talked into buying one. When camping or trips to store, I use a cable lock. When camping or home or on rides, I usually have an extra measure …
  • Reason I went to a trike was to be easy on my back due to previous issues.I found that when my seat was adjusted too vertical, my back side did feel uncomfortable, reclined the seat back, and problem solved.Experiment and see what works best.
  • FINN58 wrote: » I have a simple GoPro that I want to use on our trip. I sent for a chest harness that will reduce for a helmet as well. Those who have shot video while riding, where might I place cam that would result in the smoothest recording?…
  • I use 2- COB(usb) set on strobe for rear, headlight on strobe on front, and a led whip. I have found that riding at dusk or dark, I am actually much easier to see. Those lights are bright.
    in Lights Comment by Bozo50 August 2017
  • TrikesterHal wrote: » I try to ride at least 15 miles every other day. With the AZ heat I will stop at least a couple of times to tinkle and re-saturate my neck gaiter (here in the dry climate it works like an evaporative cooler). I wet the gait…
  • Elrique64 wrote: » I usually stop at least once, for a beer and a bite. And for a stretch and un-beering... And 4 days running at under 220#. This is a long sight lower than the 285#+ I was at 2 years ago. So the beer is definitely a rew…
  • I do stop. Usually for an ice cream. Great to have a destination....and reward.
  • As with anything mechanical, you can expect to have to replace things. Time and use, both have effects on things. Price is a deal if close. Bottom line is, if it is worth it to you, go for it.
  • Oh how I wish we had your least on the climb part of the hills. But we love the downhill side!