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  • Click on link. Have defibrillator at the ready...
  • Gotta go back and peddle backwards.
    in Oops! Comment by Finn59 April 19
  • Even thought of putting a dowel inside tube, cut to the length between the bolts to sturdy the abuse part up. Instead of just carrying the part on the Trike when I ride. It’s foing to be awhile til our ‘’dusting’ over the past weekend has melting. C…
  • Back to the tie gently bending it back, am I prolonging an eventual break? Was it weakened? Did I make it worse bending it back?
  • Moonshine season start yet? Have to have a canopy, to hide from the eyes in the sky.
  • I think I was impatient to see the results originally and pulled the wood out of jig before it was dry. I will try again. Thanks for the tip. Enjoy the warmth south of de border. Don’t drink de water.
  • Seems over time the bend has slackened and is not the same tight arc it was when I pulled it out of jig.
  • It is maple. No joiner, never owned one. Been wanting to ask my Bro in law as he builds furniture. At Christmas when I first asked him about it, it sounded like he didn’t dabble in this at all. I’ll mark each side of wood strips next time. Maybe …
  • Thin was easier to bend. A thicker piece I would have to steam longer. Tougher to bend. Some clamp the wood while it’s still in the bag so no moisture is lost. My first attempt. Act 2 soon.
  • Question for any and all. The maple wood fender I tried to make from three thin 1/16” pieces ‘twisted’ at opposite ends. Torqued is another good term. I steamed them in a bag, glued them, then dropped them in a 4x4 jig and clamped them. Why would th…
  • 3 stage had all it could handle, just trying to clear end of drive where city plows filled in. Thought I saw some FL sand mixed in as well.
  • This was for Monday or Tuesday? Out of TVC? Sorry to hear that.
  • That is to be one of the first things I will do. We still had power this am. What surprised me was the 4-6” of wet snow. 1/8” of ice as well. Surprised she was able to back out of drive with her FWD. triking will be pushed back a week. 50’s by wee…
  • Leather belt could hold tires/wheels in place. Why that length though? Shorter will work.
  • $35 for a new tie rod. I passed. Bent mine back gently. New part came today. Weather will prevent riding for a week. No rush. Have to see if rear rim is bent.
  • Part arrived this am @ 11am. Fed Ex. That’s less than 24 hrs. Nice to be close to the world corporate hq.
  • We’re targeted for freezing precip o’er night. Terrible traction for the Rover.
    in tool kits Comment by Finn59 April 14
  • Was hoping you were out by now. We r to get sleet/ice down here. All white up your way. My uncle wants to go to Vanderbilt for turkey hunt in a week. How much is on the ground now where you are at??
    in tool kits Comment by Finn59 April 13
  • TCEd- hope you have left Michigan cause it’s going to git uglee!
    in tool kits Comment by Finn59 April 13
  • Holes in side walls of channels to put pins thru from one side to the other, than go on top of rims. If there WAS play, spokes could be endangered.
  • First time Trike has moved an inch on rack. Ratchet has always stayed tight.
  • Makes me wonder, yes. Had the trikes move on the cap last October driving to Mackinaw City from Vanderbilt. Is there a better ratchet to look for where the material/strap is a different fabric? Not so nylon? These I have will work when we use our t…
  • $79 + s&h+tax. May have it Saturday or Monday. It is an old style. Newer models have a different arm. They had one it stock. Thought I’d have to wait a week for it from Pjong Jam.
  • Looks like it should cover all repairs. Good choice.
    in tool kits Comment by Finn59 April 13
  • Hmm. But what would McGyver do?
  • I know it didn’t deflect much. But getting back into the primo position is questionable for a man of my unskilled level.
  • Thanks. Wish I had a part name.
  • This black part is what was bent. Goes up and is what the bushings slide on. Steering arm mounts on top.
  • I didn’t get an owners manual when I bought used. Maybe new manuals don’t have an exploded view. This I found. The part I seek is the royal blue one that isn’t numbered.
  • Read where I can take tire off, loosen spokes and lay rim on flat surface to determine if rim is bent, or if it just needs to be trued.