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  • Been so long ago at least 15 years we just were talking about it. Back when I was still shooting film. It would be fun to see again. Going to be in Loo-Vulle next June for my nieces’ high school graduation ( we hope ). It wouldn’t be that far fr…
  • Just watched a video where they said the loop is 11 miles. Is it really that far??
  • It’s been a while since we drove the loop in Cades Cove. Is it hilly? I don’t remember. Maybe there is a YouTube vid depicting the track.
  • Here is some color.
  • Where’s yer helmet...?
  • Aluminum trailer we use now is never close to load needed to stop the dribbling down the highway. And you feel it in the Fjord. I’m sure the larger trailer will do the same even though it is heavier. Uncle said to go find my cousin Dave’s large sing…
  • We are seriously thinking of an enclosed 6x12 trailer single axle. J hooks on side walls for yaks and trikes on floor. Still room for cooler and junk. Side door plus ramp door in back. 6’ high inside. Had one ordered then the crash happened so we …
  • No mucho gear. 6 cyl. 3.0. FWD. said she wasn’t thinking of the trike when she chose this one. No hitch system. So the F150 will tote the trikes in a trailer when we ride.
  • Here’s wife’s van after. She was happy her Rover wasn’t in the back. Though I doubt it would have sustained injury.
  • Ok. We hope to sea some guud color. Rains may keep the camera under wraps for a few days. I need a raincoat for the Canon while on the tripod.
  • Pictures from who? From where? Here is an aerial I did nine years ago when I had some pocket change to get a Cessna to go up. Family cabin is on far left. Property owned goes left to that road. Road is paved for about a mile. All kind of trucks go 4…
  • Had a woman on a df cross a street in front of us without braking. Didn’t look like she even peeked for traffic coming her way on that one way street. She was on the bike path. We had the green light. I was bout 1/4 block from her. ?????....
    in News story Comment by Finn59 October 4
  • Thank ye. Rain or not we are oughta here. She wanted to ride today, but after she ran an errand, her chest n shoulder said nope. Maybe colors will be guud up there. A lot of rain north it seems. Fire danger will be low.
  • We bought a 2002 Ford Escape at the dealership. It’s just a people mover. No hitch. Not big enough to trike in back without taking seat down and steering arms off. She hasn’t riden any by herself since we bought the trikes last spring. We go…
  • Muskegon. She had her 9 year old nephew in the van. Passenger seat, other side. He might have died if he had been sitting behind her. He had distracted her. Luckily that slider door behind her worked sporadically. Passenger slider worked so he used …
  • Saw a rider behind me on the path last evening. Had to have been half mile. Soon closed on me. I thought it was the car that had parked along the path at the last road crossing. Was that yellow chartreuse color. Turned out to a TT trike. He had a ve…
  • Forecast all of next week is rain here. Wife still wants out of town for a week. Sept 22 she was t-boned and Windstar was totaled. Still can’t work. Back chest and shoulder bruised from seatbelt. She thinks she can pedal in a week. Hmmm. So trikes…
  • I read, maybe here, that they r available for motocycles. We have a Harley dealer here. $200 dollah probably...
  • Where can I find these shifters? My searches have come up dry.
  • Used full ear coverage over ears for eight years cart starting aircraft at fbo at our airport, piston and turbines. Didn’t save mine. They’re ringing as I type this. Diabetes 41 years and doctor sez that is a cause as well. Can’t hear the wife as w…
    in News story Comment by Finn59 October 1
  • Nah. Gotta take the Rover to carry your mega lens...
  • Wedge the golf umbrella’s handle/shaft down in the back of the Rover’s seat behind you. Or hold it with left hand, steer with your right.
  • Golf umbrella.
  • I use a speaker or just the iPhone. Vicki has only used one ear piece so as to hear the avalanche coming. DF riders have come up on us so fast. No bell. No lights. We happen to hear the tires before we know they are near. And we use our mirrors.
  • Ok. Thanks. It’s just the seat removal each and every time will get old, knowing her.
  • We wanted to show her ours and let her try one this weekend but seems she is never available. Doubt she wants to lift one. Small trailer with a ramp might be the easiest.
  • Group ride in Hockeytown???
  • My sister in law is going to be getting a Trike soon. She has a late model Chevy Malibu. No hitch. I told her the Traveler folds up. But one has to remove the seat. Doubt she’ll want to do this every outing. Sent her the video on it. Exactly how sma…
  • Fla-u have to trick your son somehow into sitting on yours.
  • Finlander blue wrap