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  • Ok. Thanks. It’s just the seat removal each and every time will get old, knowing her.
  • We wanted to show her ours and let her try one this weekend but seems she is never available. Doubt she wants to lift one. Small trailer with a ramp might be the easiest.
  • Group ride in Hockeytown???
  • My sister in law is going to be getting a Trike soon. She has a late model Chevy Malibu. No hitch. I told her the Traveler folds up. But one has to remove the seat. Doubt she’ll want to do this every outing. Sent her the video on it. Exactly how sma…
  • Fla-u have to trick your son somehow into sitting on yours.
  • Finlander blue wrap
  • Micro fiber trike grips.
  • We have 60’s upcoming behind this cool front. My wife will be bundled up when we ride.
  • Your welcome. My hands get sweaty on the warm days so I picked up a roll of athletic tape and wrapped my grips with it. Might be a Wilson product. Not a grip tape but for taping up wrists, ankles, knees. Things that are falling off us old Triker…
  • It’s $1800. New. 24 speed. Said they paid over $2k for it, assembled at a pro bike shop.
  • A TT Rambler in Cypress on Craigslist when I just looked in L.A. area. $1500 or $1600. My mind slips away so fast these days
  • I’ll roll da Rover Monday so I can test my helmet. Vicki will be there to record the moment.
    in Helmets Comment by Finn59 September 16
  • ...and why are these bags always black inside? So dark. Can’t find a thing without a trouble light! Deep and dark like a woman’s purse. Need an auto-light to come on when it opens. Or white fabric lining the inside. Maybe try that rubber spray in wh…
  • I have a small bag on top of my rear rack now. I wanted panniers with clips to hang on both sides of rack, easily detachable. Not for $180 though. I’ll split my full pannier down the middle at sew up another way. If anyone finds some metal clips lay…
  • Was just at the closest lbs and a single pannier with clips bolted thru the sidewall of the bag-$89. A full pannier, hangs over rack, both sides,like I bought last year-$45. Same manufacturer. Sad sad.
  • The Kinetic Fluid Trainer has your Trike hubs up off the ground and your rear tire rests against the roller. Heavy device. Good resistance. Gradually slows to a stop.
  • I was talking about those sold on the TT site. Got to Riderfest late. Was hoping to see some out on tables for sale. Thanks.
    in Tri-tools Comment by Finn59 September 15
  • Three way tool.
    in Tri-tools Comment by Finn59 September 15
  • Sounds like the brand I bought, a green machine. Fluid trainer.
  • Here’s a visor that has a metal band on the inside to stay on the head. I think it was used golfing. Would not stay put on helmet. Maybe use some Velcro. This is on my forehead below helmet. Hiding the eyes as I am in witness protection.
    in Helmets Comment by Finn59 September 13
  • Kind of a trout pattern. Craft stickers wouldn’t hold up very long.
  • Createx has some great airbrush colors but they are acrylic. A fish scale netting pattern would look neat. Top and sides. Who would look underneath? Except the creepy crawlees. Blue paint under with white scale on top, which could be a sticker.
  • 2013. Silver like yours.
  • I really want to paint my Rover finlander blu with some white trim. I’ve seen videos of a vinyl sheet film they use on cars/trucks. Painting would look better in the end but one needs to use enamel. Airbrushing trike would be fun with acrylics as th…
  • Just finished another 10. That’s four days straight. 46 miles. Maybe Aspercreme when I get home. Vicki started hurting after 6 miles. Her second day in a row. Not much riding for her this year.
  • YouTube has great videos on setting up your biking computer.
  • Found arthritis strength acetaminophen 650 mg each. Was taking liquid gels at 200 mg each before. Taking the liquids like candy, 3 at a time. And they didn’t help. These are great. I’m so stiff in am when I get up. These help. Almost forget to ta…
  • Wore shorts last night. Again today. Low 70’s here. Wore some old Tommie Copper knee sleeves. New ones ordered. Icy Hot varies where we apply it. Yes it can seem like your skin is on fire.
  • Back when I had $$$ I bought a fluid trainer for my df. Had to buy an attachment/extension bracket to use on a trike. Still boring. Couldn’t wait to get out and ride for real. So I was back out in late February on the snow and ice in Michigan. Didn’…
  • Aspercreme applies twice today to the knees, 2nd right before we left helped A Lot. Ten mo miles. Damn Sigma meter went on the fritz and reset back to metric, and I lost the season accumulation of miles to this point. Sheit. I’ll start anew with a…