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  • Never would have guessed the tie rod was hollow. Bent back fine in the vise on the work bench. Thought it was solid metal. Then again, how would a solid steel/aluminum rod bend from such a short fall. Thanks for the input.
  • I ratchet around the channels and the seat. And I put some pressure on it too. Had both brakes on as well. Next time I take it anywhere a will have wood chocks in the channel held in place with screws, and the ratchet going left and right of the cen…
  • I’m sitting here trying to figure out how it came off. And all I can figure is it and the strap slid to the right off the trays as I turned left. It landed on right side. Left wheel spins fine. Right bracket that the caliper mounts to its bent. Rear…
  • Would love to try one for our African Grey parrot, Kamaiha. I don’t think he’d survive the trip. Too much movement, activity going by. He likes the security of his cage. Now if he sat in a pet carrier that was lashed to my rack, he’d be closer to…
  • To replace that foto next to your TCEd. (I’m just jerking your KMC chain Ed.)
  • A new portrait of your low rider will be needed then. Photoshop it. Get the orange wrinkles out if warranted.
  • I didn’t mention a shotgun. I don’t own a firearm. Rod n reels, yes.
    in Seat movement Comment by Finn59 April 9
  • Drag a whole chicken behind the Trike and troll for them. Make em work for it. Dont know if you need a license for that.
    in Seat movement Comment by Finn59 April 8
  • Peanut-was that climb out on the road- Wilson road/street? Or somewhere in the park? Wilson has a hill going north that I have driven.
    in Riderfest Comment by Finn59 April 7
  • What are the creatures Floridians run into on their paths/roads in the sunshine state? Do you carry pepper spray. Vicki and I want carry some this year, just in case.
    in Seat movement Comment by Finn59 April 6
  • We got 2-3 inches in spots. What did yo north country get???
  • Betcha they have one in Mexico!!!
  • Do you have an umbrella rigged on your seat somewhere? My cousin in PHX comes to MI for three months of summer. Hubby stays there to work. He should retire by now. An MD that visits the locals on a reservation. First Nation, is that correct?
    in weather Comment by Finn59 April 3
  • Snow has been added to our forecast here for the next three days, with Wednesday not above freezing. Rode M,W,Friday last week. Not til next week I’m afraid now.
    in weather Comment by Finn59 April 2
  • July 28th. Last Saturday.
    in Riderfest Comment by Finn59 April 2
  • Too icy. Come nordth and warm us up.
    in Easter Comment by Finn59 April 1
  • Go party with the young-uns.
  • John Ball Park-zoo?
    in Riderfest Comment by Finn59 March 30
  • How big a hill? Was this at this Millenium Park?
    in Riderfest Comment by Finn59 March 30
  • I knew that.
  • Fastest time to climb? What did you win???
    in Riderfest Comment by Finn59 March 29
  • I’ll have one rack in da Fjord to tease you with, all aluminum.
  • Here it is. Am going to raise the mirror some more with a hose clamp as not to wear out the band for the light. This is the Fred Meijer Berry Junction Trail, just nordth of Muskegon. ( look in the trees for those gorillas escaped from Barnum Bai…
  • I’ll let you know. The mirror post is held by the light strap. Quick fix. I’ll watch that as well to see how long it will hold. Wanted a detachable system. My Trike is outside on a carrier. Hers is inside her Windstar. I could put a long piece of …
  • I love to create things. Mine is already on my Rover. Hope to try it out this afternoon.
  • Hose clamps x2 and whallah? (sp) I want to ride tomorrow and Vicki will be working so I needed a quick fix
  • If I bend it at all to go inside handlebar, I’ll lose the height.
  • Right now I have a flexible, gooseneck shaft that has my headlight and mirror attached. Just thinking of a way to mount it to handlebar tightly. Hose clamp perhaps?
  • Pipe is aluminum. Hey, I have some carbon fiber of a sail mast/boom for the yak I don’t use much anymore. Hmm..
  • About 10”. Cut the pipe so that the thin bolt would reach. Running several ideas thru the computer now on how to keep the location the same.