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  • Glad you are all so satisfied. What will you do if you need parts in the future? It's flat enough terrain here that I hope I don't need that for a long time.
  • No, I was going to do a 10-hour then a 6-hour day. That would allow me to get to Michigan while it's still light and get some rest for the ride the next day.
  • Where are you located?
  • I'll have to pack some long sleeve shirts. Haven't worn them in months!
  • OMG, the colors in that video are so vivid. Must have been filmed with a very expensive camera!
  • That' what I thought and what I answered to.
  • If you don't use the seat wedge, does the velcro irritate your legs?
  • What is your question? Does it work? Yes. Is it worth the money? Yes. I don't use mine anymore because I bought the dual cup holder from Terracycle. Riding with my dog, I need two bottles of water.
  • How many miles are on it? How knowledgeable is your lbs? You might do better to call Terra Trike. See if they can provide assistance or if there is any kind of warranty. I have never heard of that issue. I have to adjust the cable back at the h…
  • Finn59 wrote: » My wife sometimes uses skin so soft from Avon. Has both a body soap for shower and an oil to be applied after. Doesn’t work for all. I’ve had diff results with deer flies depending on what soap I use in am. I have been using lemon…
  • When I lived in Missouri, deer flies destroyed a float trip for me. They really liked my sunscreen. We ended up walking the canoe most of the way so we were in the water and away from the flies.
  • Great idea but it's just more weight to help only occasionally. I try to ride when the sun isn't shining so it's a little cooler.
  • Did anyone add a strap to a seat cushion or the seat wedge? Mine didn't come with one but I'm thinking about add it. The seat cushion tends to move during the ride.
  • I know! But, since I've owned a hybrid SUV that gets over 30 mpg for 7 years, I won't settle for less. They currently don't make one similar to it with more room for the trike.
  • The main structure breaks down into 2 pieces and the bars that hold the trikes detach. The main structure is 2" square steel pipe. It's quite heavy but ships in a box about 3' x 3' x 6". Sorry, I still need mine until I can find a vehicle that…
  • I've lived on or near an Air Force Base since 1985. We had an engine test cell right behind our base housing in Blytheville AR. Now every night we hear them bombing on the Eglin reservation. Not a problem! Those planes are "the sounds of freedom…
  • Welcome to the wonderful world of triking!
  • It's going to be sunny and in the 80s for Riderfest, right? Yeah, you can adapt to the humidity quickly. Here, we have worst humidity first thing in the morning. So, I started riding in the evening. Unfortunately, we are in the eastern most pa…
  • How long does it take to get all the straps off? If you want visibility, put driveway spikes/poles on either side with the reflectors. That will give them some depth perception.
  • Oooh, the rest of the country is hot and now no one can ride. Really? I ride in heat indexes over 100 all the time. Of course, I'm not going to try and ride 50 miles. Also, there are some great ocean breezes. Still doesn't stop the sweating. …
  • Finn59, have you tried crossing the straps under the trike? Put the straps over the main frame but hook them to the anchors on the opposite side of the trike. I've had a lot of experience strapping down kayaks on top of a car. Once, we were try…
  • I guarantee you I'd be pulling away as I was spraying. No spray-back for me.
  • Finn, I was in a similar situation. We had a 19' open bow boat and crossed a large bay to go to a shallow area for the day. On the way back, we were almost swamped by a very large cruiser. They only need to steer clear of non-motorized boats. …
  • Are the effects of the ammonia spray temporary?
  • Yeah, it's hotter there than it is in the Florida panhandle. And, sometimes, the humidity is even worse.
  • Wish the Rover had that!
  • He has two great danes. I told him to set up a harness and they could pull him. My 50 lb dog pulls me most of the time except at take off when I really need it! It's not about being old and riding a trike. Anyone who rides one will fall in lov…
  • One of the most dangerous roads near me is only 20 mph. Of course, the drivers go double that. I usually ride on the sidewalk but often cars park across it. And, in one spot, they have a mailbox on the left and a speed sign on the right. One tim…
  • My seat never moves anymore. My problem is the screws on the main frame keep coming loose. If I can rock the seat side to side, I know it's time to check them for tightness. I'm going to ask the TT experts if there is a solution at Riderfest.