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Tern rack came in, and with the help from YamiYuki I should be able to get it installed this coming week. TerraTrike's Adventure Panniers arrived on Saturday. I see that there is no more embroidered "TerraTrike" lettering on these panniers now. Would of been good to had the lettering on there for advertisement purposes.


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  • Topic was "No More..." - seemed more fitting than deer flies.
  • Did get it installed. Broke a bolt that goes through the seat mount to the tubing and the rack support. Not had the time to find a replacement bolt. The bike shop that I got the Rover from gave me these 4 inch long bolts to attach a rack to. Over…
  • YamiYuki wrote: » That's the one I got. Very pleased with how closely it hugs the tire, it's a pain to get setup, but not that big a deal though since you only really have to do so once. @YamiYuki You weren't kidding about the pain to put this …
  • Is a strange thing about drink holders. Had gotten a pair of aluminum ones from the LBS... they seem to rattle more even though the screws are tight in the Versa bars. Also have noticed the aluminum bars bend far too easily, so after a while the wat…
  • @Lilypad gets lots of parade invites, and he is quite popular out this way. Wished others in the local area would get influenced enough to get some trikes and ride with us. Maybe we could form a trike club or something. Also wished for a way to d…
  • Hardly whining. Flagging comments that have nothing to do with the topic is everyone's right. Certain people on the forum continuously try to derail or post comments that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. It is hardly an accident since it o…
  • This version of a Row Trike looks way better and more stable! You can bet that the rider will get rid of they belly fat in no time with something along this line. Rowing needed water or was stationary. Now they are showing up on the streets. Prob…
  • Not solar, but never the less unusual in the evolution of recumbent trikes. Row Trike anyone? Man, this looks like a work out!
  • @Lilypad & @IdahoTrailLizard at the Caldwell July 4th Parade & Clebration
  • Found more over here: Complete with a live map of progress. Rover Tandem for base model - They used a rower mechanism too.
  • Unsure if this article will help you, Sachs and SRAM Internal-Gear Hubs. Troubleshooting is towards the end of the article.
  • @Finn59 what does deer flies have to do with Solar Power & Trikes? @JamesR thanks! 7,456.45 miles!! Yikes. They were required to use only solar power to power their e-assisted motors.
  • It slips under the top layer of the seat mesh, in between that and the straps/underside. Note however, if the first strap should come undone for whatever reason the wedge would be lost. Some have also used a wedge at the top of the seat too. Uns…
  • Motorcyclists do the mascot thing too... Magical Mascots - 15/8/2017 I have mentioned that at as well as the Harley Bells we rely on to keep us safe on the road, some of us also adopt mascots to accompany us as we ride.
  • LOL - Mascots riding trikes!
  • Had lost a seat wedge when the first strap buckle gave way last summer. Ever since then had used a shoe string looped though the first strap buckle, several loops in fact, to keep the strap buckle from coming undone again. Never had an issue with…
  • Heard water reservoirs work great in the seat packs. Unsure if one would require the bigger seat pack or the standard version.
  • That list was insanity!! CHALLENGES Photo of celebrity on a TerraTrike - 100 Points Video testimonial from celebrity on TerraTrike - 216 Points Photo of TerraTrike with National Monument - 20 Points Get…
  • Say, when is TerraTrike going to have another
  • Finally got around to getting a rack for a 20" wheel, although got a Tern. Then ordered a pair of Adventure Panniers yesterday to make use of rack, putting the essentials in those panniers. Should be set for pack storage. Will have to get a TT br…
  • I see you use Marathon Plus as well. They seem to be the rugged go-to bike tire.
  • $13 a tube
  • Okay, got shipping issue taken care of, as their website reads that TT will contact you for shipping rates. Talked with Joshua, anything over $100 includes shipping now.
  • Going to try TT's Adventure Panniers. Browsed through a lot of sites. Wanted pairs that can be independently mounted, that way I'll have access to the rack itself. Then can tie something down or use a rack pack, maybe have the room to carry take-ou…
  • Rovers come in different colors... they do have square tubing for the most part with a horizontal rear drop-out, and do not come with a front post Aye, agree it is a Rambler. Would very much like to see a post and gearing of a Rambler on a Rov…
  • Rack arrived today. @YamiYuki what panniers did you end up using?