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  • Wolf spiders, they're good to have around.
  • TimC wrote: » JamesR wrote: » same pertains to the thinking that tightening the grub screws has anything to do with seat wobble: if the grubs are loose the boom will flex, not the seat - it be attached to the trike frame. The grub screws on t…
    in Seat Rocking Comment by TCEd October 17
  • Been in the tour Dr France since 2016, lots of info on the web
  • I would cautiously use this modification.
  • Florida_bound wrote: » I would use the vacuum portion of my leaf blower. It mulches and bags them all at the same time. I love to multi-task. That's what having twins does to you. This is the back portion of our yard and the woods. I'll ha…
  • Leaf blower uses , Gutter cleaner, wet dog drier, clear spiders off house, Fluff wet lawn after mowing, clean car interior.
  • TrikesterHal wrote: » Florida_bound wrote: » TrikesterHal wrote: » I seldom ride less than 12 miles. A few times the "legs" just weren't into it or it was getting too hot too fast. I guess I'm conditioned to doing longer rides. When I get h…
  • Just prior to the crash the look on her face implies she's in trouble.
    in Helmets Comment by TCEd October 7
  • My big lunker tried to take off with the trike while i was standing alongside. He went about 15 feet and turned and the trike sorta jackknifed which got him all flustered. I keep him away from the trike for a week before reintroducing him to it. He'…
  • Finn59 wrote: » Where’s yer helmet...? There's a thread titled "Helmets", keep it there.
  • I'd wear a helmet on that trail also. We rode in Moab on MTB's a few years ago and that country can hurt you. Additionally : I'm still not sold on high C.G. trikes on dirt trail like these. On a MTB your legs and knees are part of the suspension, on…
    in Helmets Comment by TCEd October 5
  • Finn59 wrote: » We are seriously thinking of an enclosed 6x12 trailer single axle. J hooks on side walls for yaks and trikes on floor. Still room for cooler and junk. Side door plus ramp door in back. 6’ high inside. Had one ordered then the cras…
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » Find a used Ford E-150. Certainly not as "car-like" as a Windstar, but you can pack 2 trikes, a DF, and 2 kayaks in there minimum. Get one of those motorhomes with a garage in back. They're used for snowmobiles and dirt bikes …
  • IdahoTrailLizard wrote: » Jrobiso2 wrote: » I set my cap screws to juuuuust where I feel resistance. I check them every few rides. Hmm... I pulled mine in all the way, moved it around some, backed out till it got loose, and turn it in an eigh…
  • I try to make people aware of leg suck because it isn't addressed adequately by the manufacturers and community. Helmet use gets significant discussion on the web. In both situations I leave it for the rider to decide. I do wear a helmet when I'm on…
    in Helmets Comment by TCEd October 5
  • IdahoTrailLizard wrote: » Bozo50 wrote: » TrikeBirder wrote: » I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if you don't have anything valuable to protect, than you don't need to wear a helmet. Whenever I see someone riding a bike/trike and …
    in Helmets Comment by TCEd October 4
  • Great idea for trikes with chain tubes, won't work with front idlers and exposed chains.
  • Agree with JamesR, my ride has whatever white grease ( natural or synthetic ) that was applied during assembly four years ago and I can steer using my thumb and forefinger. It's most important that the assembly is done correctly.
    in Bushing Grease Comment by TCEd October 4
  • There are a number of brands that make rider type clothing that contain a reflective fiber woven into the fabric. I've seen black outerwear at night being highly reflective with the reflective weave. Contrary to beliefs you don't need to ride aroun…
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » Yeah, 10 years in the engine room of a submarine tends to eradicate the higher pitch from your hearing and leave that lovely ringing tinnitus as well. Career in engineering testing Abrams tanks took care of my hearing. Foam ea…
    in News story Comment by TCEd October 1
  • I have a 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser, the best theft protection is a manual transmission and no power steering.
  • If anyone wants to consider a good upgrade think about trigger shifters, simple finger tip actuation. Hot, cold, wet hands or gloves make no difference.
  • TrikesterHal wrote: » TCEd wrote: » Rider cadence is the same as engine rpm. Both have a sweet spot. Trouble is most people don't drive vehicles with manual transmissions and forget what happens when you under or over rev. the engine. Same happe…
  • A distracted bike/trike rider or runner/walker or vehicle driver are a threat to everyone. If you're self absorbed in whatever you're listening to or watching you're distracted.
    in News story Comment by TCEd September 27
  • romeo52 wrote: » Lucky you, where I'm at it's almost time for hot chocolate! are you in Romeo, Mi ? I'm in Traverse City. ed
  • Rider cadence is the same as engine rpm. Both have a sweet spot. Trouble is most people don't drive vehicles with manual transmissions and forget what happens when you under or over rev. the engine. Same happens the the human engine.
  • Odd, all this technology available to us to prevent being hit and it's similar technology that distracts the vehicle driver in many cases, tablets, cell phones, GPS displays etc..
  • romeo52 wrote: » I remember when all it took to have fun on a bike was a baseball card and a clothespin. My only major bike accident happened as a kid. I wasn't paying attention and I rode into the right rear door of a taxicab. I'm sure the bas…