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  • Specs for all models new and old on TTWebsite
  • Yes, dealer in Suttons Bay, I rented from them once. Appx. 30 round trip, one good hill. couple grades.
  • Traverse City has a state park near downtown and the TART cross town trail runs next to the park.
  • That's why I suggested bending it as straight as he can and doing a alignment. Looking at the photo the bend isn't significant. T.T. may say to replace the part if asked from a liability position. Mechanical Engineer University of Michigan G…
  • I've taken the twist out of wood by wrapping it in a wet towel and twisting the wood in the opposite direction. It's a crap shoot but can work. Keep the wood wet for a day or two then check your results.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » Sucks to live in a place that has real weather, doesn't it? As much as we participate in winter outdoor activities there are occasions I wish we lived elsewhere. Today is one.
  • Todays flight from TVC cancelled, rescheduled for Wed. In the past ten years we've had appx. 50% of our flights cancelled due to weather, seems like one every year.
  • flight cancelled
  • Finn59 wrote: » $35 for a new tie rod. I passed. Bent mine back gently. New part came today. Weather will prevent riding for a week. No rush. Have to see if rear rim is bent. Don't forget to do a front wheel alignment. quick and easy to check.
  • About 5-6inches this,morning, more in forecast
    in tool kits Comment by TCEd April 14
  • Flying Monday, hope the worst part is over by then.
    in tool kits Comment by TCEd April 13
  • I would figure out a way to fasten the tires directly to the channel to prevent them from hopping out.
  • Are you sure your straps are holding ? Possibly loosening under road vibration ? You had straps loosen before if I remember correctly with a trike on the lid.
  • Bend it as straight as you can and redo the front wheel alignment.
  • Check Amazon online, there are a bunch of trailers available.
  • Problem is the load can be outboard of the wheel on a single wheel trailer leading to a side load placed on the trike also. Two wheel trailer will be easier to maneuver when disconnected also.
  • Finn59 wrote: » To replace that foto next to your TCEd. (I’m just jerking your KMC chain Ed.) OK, new picture.
  • Finn59 wrote: » A new portrait of your low rider will be needed then. Photoshop it. Get the orange wrinkles out if warranted. Photoshop what ? What orange wrinkles ?
  • null No shifting issues
  • Here's what the twin cam chain rings look like. I'm staying with a conventional round middle ring and using the twin cam for granny and high speed.
  • JamesR wrote: » one of the sights a ways back - okefenokee state park, just over the north florida border. only the true fisherman would be on the water there during a south georgia summer. tis miserable camping in a swamp that time of year. fi…
    in Seat movement Comment by TCEd April 9
  • Is the battery sealed ? If not check the fluid level, top off with distilled water or boil your own.
  • I doubt many bike shops stock a lot tools for sale as that cuts into the service department business. Car dealers and boat dealers I've known don't sell tools.
  • Ironman1518 wrote: » Which crankset do you have on your trike? UNLESS I am wrong that Park should work, if you have a square ended BB axle. I've used min on Many 3 piece cranksets, even "octalink". Best wishes. He had the wrong Park tool. I nee…
  • I'll ask when we're there
  • Gordon_O wrote: » I'm talking to my dealer about changing to a triple, but not for your reason. I want to switch to something like 26/36/46. Going down hills I spin out above 20 mph. I want to do more than sit and coast down the hills. I have ne…
  • Since she is working borrow here mirror and post.
  • Finn59 wrote: » Pipe is aluminum. Hey, I have some carbon fiber of a sail mast/boom for the yak I don’t use much anymore. Hmm.. Yes ! You could make all sort of stuff from the mast ! Just don't breath the dust when cutting or sanding.
  • Thinking about lighter materials may help.
  • You guys come up with more ways to add weight to these trikes.