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  • I find all these things sorta gimmicky.
    in Solar Triking Comment by TCEd July 15
  • Excuse me for trying to help you figure out the load limit for a water bottle holder. You did show a link to the Blackburn holder.
  • You must be running low rear tire pressure.
    in Parades Comment by TCEd July 15
  • May not believe it but Wind would seroiusly create a issue with ride and handling with those large panels.
    in Solar Triking Comment by TCEd July 13
  • I've seen pics of people using p vc,ramps
  • From the Blackburn website: Mounts to 2 standard bottle cage bosses Three sets of mounting holes to fit different size frames 6mm alloy tube construction 4kgs/8.8lbs carrying capacity 164g w/ straps $24.99
  • All else fails use a piece of PCV pipe however long you need and cut it in half lengthwise. That will give you two ramps.
  • Wonder how much Trump's tariff will effect imported bike/trike goods. Most bikes/trikes have a bunch of foreign parts,even those assembled in the USA.
  • do they provide paper name tags so we can figure out who we are ? Could use real and forum name.
  • never say never. that's why I ride with a cell phone and $50. Somehow I'll get back to the car.
  • I'm doing everything ! Then I'll pop a couple Advil and drive two hours home. Once there I'll be so stiff I'll need to crawl out of the car. Big fun.
  • I'm searching for a place to ride my age this fall, probably in October.
    in Hit 77 today Comment by TCEd July 9
  • Those little trailers bounce a lot. I'd work on the rack solution.
    in No more... Comment by TCEd July 6
  • Some overkill but whatever works for you is fine. Just make sure none of those knots slip.
    in No more... Comment by TCEd July 6
  • Nice program you have, good luck going forward.
  • Look at the one listed in Austin, Texas for $650.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » I also want thumb shifters Are thumb shifters the same as trigger shifters ? I have trigger shifters, on a ride the other day i was shifting the rear cassette with my little finger. The front triple takes a little more effort …
  • I found this in their How to Ride section on the T.T. website. We recommend that every trike be equipped with some sort of foot restraint to make sure that each of your rides is safe and trouble free. Clipless pedals, PowerGrip pedals or our heel…
  • Crap
    in Aggressive Dogs Comment by TCEd July 5
  • TrikeBirder wrote: » The Catrike 559 was designed and built with the 26" back wheel. If all you do is add a larger rear wheel, and you can't spin-out (pedal faster than 90 crank revolutions per minute) in your highest gear, than adding a larger wh…
    in Rear Tire size Comment by TCEd July 4
  • I'm thinking the goat heads will be a problem regardless what type tire you use. Also avoid the overly aggressive knobby tire, they are overkill in most scenarios.
  • yup, for a chain or cable to lock the trike
  • The accident I had a bike rider was riding against traffic on a dirt shoulder and was obstructed by objects along the road. I pulled out from a intersection and hit him, never saw him. Fortunately he walked out of the hospital later that day.
  • I posted on Recumbent Trike F.B. over the winter about my car and bike accident last summer. The bike rider was fully at fault per the accident report.
  • My wife was involved in a road rage incident two years ago. She was in a group ride that was just leaving a park in a residential area and a driver came up on them and verbally insulted them and drove very close almost merging into the riders. One o…
  • . IdahoTrailLizard wrote: » What a lot of you fail to realize is there is a rider in the front. The large rider displaces more air around him. Seat is angled, with the air flow I have no issues. Average and maximum speed recordings have not change…
    in Mascots Comment by TCEd July 1
  • JamesR wrote: » tis not frame nor wheel size makes for relative slow - check the specs at versus rover 18-95 g.i. for magnum, 21-109 g.i. for rover with patterson crankset and sturmey hub. speed (mph) = …
    in Slow going’s? Comment by TCEd July 1
  • Rover is more a minivan then sports car.
    in Slow going’s? Comment by TCEd July 1
  • That is a very good price, it has about $400 in fenders and headrest included.