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  • I usually hit the local microbrew for a pint.
  • I do wear a very good helmet when I'm sailing the iceboat.
    in Helmets Comment by TCEd September 20
  • Exactly, shifting becomes a unconscious act, you don't think about the action, it just flows.
  • Voltaren works, my doctor gave it to me for a knee problem
  • 20 gear inch isn't that bad for hill climbing with a 20" rear wheel. Work on that engine.
    in Cades Cove Comment by TCEd September 18
  • How about this. Everyone on Medicare must wear a helmet when awake regardless of activity. Big government is capable of bad decisions.
    in Helmets Comment by TCEd September 17
  • So what did everyone pay for their helmet ?
    in Helmets Comment by TCEd September 16
  • Not real big, hard to hear due to trainer and tire noise.
  • Like most helmet discussions this one once again proves two thing, some people wear helmets and some don't.
    in Helmets Comment by TCEd September 15
  • my indoor office, set up in the lower level den.
  • Good of T.T. to supply a new frame but I wouldn't have a lot of confidence with the LBS, seems like they misdiagnosed the problem a couple times.
  • My granddaughter who lives in Norfolk, Va is in a zone that was told to evacuate today. she now driving to Ohio. Her sister is a grad school student at UNC and she is hunkering down for the onslaught. I told her to be flood cautious.
  • I have used Voltaren Gel (NSAID) with success for joint pain, it's a topical gel. This was given to me initially by a M.D. specializing in sports medicine.
  • I get bored using a trainer, try watching some form of sports where listening isn't important since the tire and roller make some noise. Some people have elaborate trainer and computer set ups that mimic actual roads which could be better.
  • romeo52 wrote: » Is it a state law to wear a helmet? Not in Michigan for bikes/trikes. Not even for motorcycles.
    in Helmets Comment by TCEd September 10
  • JamesR wrote: » often unmentioned in chat about fairing is that if you cannot propel your naked trike at 15 mph, your speed will not increase by mounting a fairing I'm thinking more 20 mph without Eassist and no downhills and a sleeker low slun…
  • Finn59 wrote: » So just putting a 26” tire on the back won’t increase my speed a whole lot? It would if you could spin it in 8th gear at a good cadence. Stay with what you have and work on the mileage and engine.
  • Our local riding club requires helmets on all group rides and events. It's a insurance requirement and each rider must sign a waiver stating they'll follow all the traffic laws.
    in Helmets Comment by TCEd September 10
  • Wings are a airfoil. Air flows faster over the curved top of a wing (low pressure )and slower under the mostly flat bottom (high pressure). This causes lift. As long as the angle of attack is correct you'll have lift. Get that wing pointed to high …
  • TrikeBirder You're improving the engine with smart incremental gains. That's what riders need to understand, it doesn't happen overnight. Ed
  • TCEd wrote: » So this is working out well for Gamble but I'm not getting much exercise. He pulled me averaging 7.5mph today, all I needed to do was steer and brake and at times he wanted to pull harder !
  • Finn59 wrote: » Ouch. Young and in shape. I can fioat in the paddling suit from all the trapped air. Don’t know if it will slowly leak out. So we wear life vests as well. I sink like a rock. Some people float. Can’t swim, well. Neither can my cous…
    in Pvc pipe Comment by TCEd September 7
  • I know people that swam across the Straits.
    in Pvc pipe Comment by TCEd September 7
  • Hey Finn59, look what I was driving behind today. Get rid of that top and buy some racks.
    in Pvc pipe Comment by TCEd September 6
  • Probably the most controversial subject on a bike/trike forum. What I find interesting is all the helmetless runners that go fast then many trike riders and their head is way higher off the ground. I personally agree with the Europeans thinking that…
    in Helmets Comment by TCEd September 6
  • My wife wears one of these since she has a pacemaker. She has a very low heart rate and the device kicks in when her rate goe…
  • Honestly 60F is perfect for a ride wearing shorts and thin long sleeve wicking top. Ride hard and you sweat. We're sweating in zero degree weather cross country skiing in Feb.
  • credit card, $50 and cell phone are a lot lighter and easier to store and use
  • goose crap streak is why.
  • spf50