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  • mrbill5 wrote: » The current crop of TT trikes with higher seats and direct steering are not designed to be comfortably compatable with 26" wheels. Some of the older TT trikes with lower seat heights, indirect steering with vertical steering bars…
  • TCEd wrote: » What is considered significant ? This guy reports 3 to 4 mph: Several have reported gains over at brol. Here's a recent thread about it: https://www.bentr…
  • TrikeBirder wrote: » @JamesR, above you say expect 26s up front would make for a faster and smoother ride. Could you please explain why you would expect a faster ride. A smoother ride, for sure, but I don't understand what bigger wheels up fron…
  • My other hesitation over trying this is the handling. I have heard from others who have done this type of mod on other brands that the handling becomes heavier or more “truck like.” I already feel that direct steered trike feel too heavy, so the id…
  • Peanut wrote: » Maybe we can get a response from TT if the Tour II drropout would work on a Traveler. I know when I stopped over there the day before Riderfest, I asked about if a Traveler would take a 26" on the back. They told me it would but …