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Thanks for your comment. We have made three trips from Michigan to Georgia in the last year and half to ride the Silver Comet. The Silver Comet ranks right close to the top of our list of favorite trails. Additionally, I have to say that we have been very impressed with the state of Georgia over all. It is a beautiful state. We make two to three "destination" trips each year. This year we went to GA in February, and then SE Minnesota in April. We are considering a trip to PA next spring to focus on the Great Allegheny Passage. In between these destination trips we make many day trips all over the state of Michigan. Michigan has over 3,600 miles of Rail Trails, so there are plenty of beautiful trials from which to choose. We are leaving tomorrow for an extended weekend in Northern Lower Michigan to ride two or three days. All told, during the summer we probably average about six days of riding each month. It is an activity that my wife and I can share and totally love.


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